Amber Flynn

I was born in San Diego, California, on August 20th, 1961.  I have three brothers and two sisters, and I love them all very dearly.  That is me, on the bottom left in the photo with my siblings. I experienced lots of joy coming from a big family.

For that, I am very grateful.

After High School, I went to college for a little while. I was keenly aware of how bored I was becoming with school and very eager to figure out who I was, and where my passions lie.

Walking home one day from school, I landed a job at Jack La Lanne’s Health Spa. I quit college that day and decided to follow my intuition and move into the health field.  

I had no idea that a particular decision would change my life forever.

My curiosity and intuition, as well as my deep passion for experiencing new things, would continue to lead me throughout my life.

In 1980, with the help of a friend, I landed a teaching and personal training job in Los Angeles at the Sports Connection. It was the largest exercise facility I had ever seen, and I was super excited.

The exercise industry was exploding, and it was an excellent match for my natural leadership ability and my desire and enthusiasm to help others.

That decision was the beginning of the foundation of my life path.   

To become a Healer.

My career evolved into teaching all forms of exercise and personal training.

I was deeply attracted to Yoga and studied daily. Soon I began to incorporate more intricate levels of healing that included Massage, Polarity Therapy Healing, Martial Arts, the Enneagram and Ayurveda… to name just a few.

…here I am teaching exercise at a studio in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

My interest in Astrology also began in 1980. Another good friend gave me the book “Love Signs” by Linda Goodman.

What caught my eye was the simplicity, depth, and accuracy of the system.

I was intrigued and excited about this system, and my love of this ancient wisdom teaching has continued to this day.

I began to realize that my client’s health issues were linked to deeply rooted toxic beliefs as well as early childhood conditioning. 

From these awarenesses with clients, I created a system of counseling that moves directly to the core of that individual’s issues. I began to utilize many different methods to assist me in helping my clients get to the heart of what their challenges were.

The intricate systems I utilize range from traditional Western Astrology to Eastern Astrology (the Science of Jyotish).  And, I also Numerology, Cardiology, Chinese Astrology, the Life Card System, and the Enneagram.

The results are a dynamic and honest presentation of caring genuinely for my clients, resulting in a very intricate and in-depth counseling process.

In 1991 I decided to take a 12-week course called “The Artists Way.” I went back to my musical roots and started studying the piano again.  At the urging of my piano teacher at that time, Sky Ladd, I began to write and compose my own music.

This process led me to create numerous songs and the need to find a place to record and mix them.

Intrigued by this process, and not able to get what I needed from the Recording Engineer that I was working with, I decided to go to school and became a Certified Recording Engineer.

This was another intuitive and pivotal decision that has led me to another great life adventure.

I now run a Recording Studio that assists others in their creative process. 

Again, my passion came before my purpose, and now I find immense joy helping others with their music journey, and their unique creative process.

Whether that be with painting, sculpting, writing, music, dancing, or singing, I find working with individuals and helping them to learn how to trust the creative process is both a joy and very exciting.

I was born on August 20, 1961 at 1:32 pm in San Diego, California. I live with my partner Gary Crowley.

I also am a great lover of animals. Here I am with my two dogs,

Daisy, on the left, and Dixie on the right.

Warmly, with peace and gratitude.

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