The Artist In


By Amber Flynn

Vision Magazine

Dec 2004


This article appeared in Vision Magazine in December 2004

I am thoroughly intrigued by the human triumphs that come through the artistic process. Many artists have disclosed to me that the feelings experienced in this process are much like two lovers embracing. They crave the moment in their process in which they “are no longer present” and the divine begins to flow through them. The incredible union between the artist and their work is spiritual, mystical and oftentimes magical.

So what does someone do when they feel their artistic creativity begin to emerge? Who do they go to?  How do they channel it? Embracing and becoming an artist is a huge risk.  It is similar to when two lovers meet for the first time. There is tremendous excitement and also fear.  If you have chosen to experience the path of “real love” you have chosen the hardest task of all.  Real love is the work for which all other work is but preparation.  The same understanding applies in becoming an artist. Becoming an artist is a metaphor for understanding life and death.  There is not a lot of security in “either path,” but there are numerous spiritual rewards available in both.

So what does it take to be an artist? Talent is important, but it must be disciplined and focused.  Teachers and Mentors are helpful in providing invaluable feedback.  Courage is also part of the process.  Courage is the ability to forego secure realities and fight for something you feel powerfully in your heart. The combination of these two qualities makes for an unstoppable force.

Managing the feeling of being an outsider is also part of the Artistic process. Alienation is something that can be felt at any point in the journey.  Artists have also explained to me that it does not feel like a choice.  They inform me that they MUST CREATE regardless of any outside pressure to be “normal.”

How can Astrology help the process?  There are many factors in a client’s horoscope that lead me to inquire if that person is actually an artist.  Generally, a horoscope with three or more Quintiles (72 degree aspects) commands a creative outlet. Other important astrological measurements include a strong 5th or 11th house, a specific Sun-Moon blend, especially the House position of the Moon and also a Quindecile in the chart.  The Quindecile (165 degree aspect) suggests incredible intensity, even obsession.  Its enduring “focused energy” is often necessary on the path of the unsupported artist.

The Astrological chart shows no magical pattern in becoming an artist. That way of looking at a horoscope is a terrible waste of time.  What I do instead is look at the overall horoscope and then the consciousness of the person working with me.  If there is too much fear present dreams of becoming an artist have been suppressed early on, (a dominating father or a shameful early experience) we work with re-visioning techniques.  This helps to see if it is possible to develop the courage and safety to bring out the potential artist once again.

If the client is already writing, acting, singing, taking lessons or producing their art, I work with their final spiritual process of developing a level of faith, so that the work will seem “to come through” them.  This skill helps the individual relinquish control and actually opens them to more creative channels. The universe supports this kind of artistic trust. Our truest dream for any creative project is always connected to God’s will for us.   Finally we must place some kind of monetary value on it, present it to the world and hand out business cards!  Needless to say it is a continuous process.

Being an artist is a call to ripen and mature your talents and gifts.  It does not suggest surrendering or losing yourself.  Also, please do not look for straight lines in the artistic process.  It is never like that.  Rather, embrace your talent like a lover.   Build up the courage and claim your right to express yourself.  The most important artistic human triumph may look like cutting someone’s hair for the first time, or standing in front of a group and reading your poem or sharing a story you have written to a friend.  “Beginning” is the real process of any artistic endeavor.  Begin in Now!

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