Vision Magazine

Archetypes and Magical Reality

April 2004

By Amber Flynn

This article appeared in Vision Magazine April 2004

Magical Realism is the blending of the most fundamental archetypal energies found in the child and the adult.  Children crave magic and adults need realism.  The connection of these two archetypes and the connection between magic and realism is obvious when we feel it.  It is also reflected in your astrological chart.

Most of us love to watch magicians. For a moment (albeit brief) we are transported to a world where anything is possible! We want to believe what our eyes have just seen. Somewhere inside we know we have been tricked, but enjoy the magical feeling! The child archetype that exists in each of us isrenewed by this experience.  The child is captivated by the thrill of the unknown. It is in this state of consciousness that we are truly alive and learning.

Have you ever witnessed an athlete shatter a world record? Again we are transported beyond our expectations.  We are forced to restructure what we thought was real or possible.  It is in these examples that the adult is captivated. The adult archetype is captivated by the adventure past the known or beyond what was thought possible.

Universal laws and magic, as well as the adult and the child archetypes are found in the language of Astrology. Magical realism is one of thefoundational building blocks in any good astrological chart reading.  Astrology deals primarily with the influence of the planets and the actual constellations in the sky. Thus, we are constantly reminded of our connection to something that is undeniably real.  Once the chart has been drawn and explored we can then engage in the magic of what the archetypal language is portraying.

Universal laws are defined as common and everyday principles that exist in our world.  We must adhere to them in order to be capable of living in the everyday world.  Some of the more common universal laws are: gravity, polarity, relativity, change, and time.  These laws are constant, unarguable and true. In any Astrological chart these laws continually apply.  Each person is born under a very specific pattern that never changes and has specific and undeniable energy.

For example, in the study of astrology, one would find the magic of the child archetype located in the 5th house.  This house would influence the way in which you as an individual can access life’s magic.  This house is also where you will find magic through art and risk taking. Donald Trump has his moon in Sagittarius in the 5th house, thus his book, “The Art of the Deal.”

The 10th house is the place of business and career.  This house is where you will find the influence of realism. In Oprah’s chart you will find both the planets Neptune and Saturn in her 10th house.  Her career has definitely been a central focus in her life.

The 10th house is in a geometric aspect of 150 degrees to your 5th house.  A 150 degree angle, or an “inconjunct aspect” indicates that what is needed from each person is a sacrifice of personal desires and the offering of all available resources for the benefit of others while maintaining a career and having children.  This is why there is such difficulty sometimes having both a career and children.  Some personal sacrifices must be made to have both of these areas of your life fulfilled.

The existence of magic and realism in the Art of Astrology is why so many people are drawn to, and remain excited about its teachings. The magic needed for “the child” is evident in the underlying fun and excitement of learning about yourself through your chart. The realism of the constellationsand the possibility of grasping universal laws that are apparent in the deeper studies of astrology excite the archetype of “the adult.” Fundamental principles and laws can be researched, tried and tested.  Neither of these archetypes can embrace astrology alone.  Magic and realism must both be present to grasp the significance of how “mysteriously practical” life can be.  They are unifying forces in your sacred life.

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