Tis the Season….

Penninsula Woman

Nov – Dec 2003


 Tis’ the Season…..

The Holidays are here! They are certainly a time for reflection, completion and celebration.

It is also the time to review the year and a chance for gathering friends and family together for joyful celebration. (Certainly a great time to have your Astrological Chart looked at for the next years Cycles.)

Electricity is in the air as preparations begin for this festive time. I always look forward to the decorations, traditional music (yes, even the corny stuff) and the amazing sparkle in everyone’s eyes as they rush off to get caught in the whirlwind of shopping, vacations and parties. Everyone is also trying to decide what might be the “perfect” gift for his or her loved ones this year.

A Conscious Holiday Season?

Unfortunately, not all experiences are joyful during the holidays. The pressure to get everything “taken care of” can override the spirit of joy and giving. Commercials and advertisement contribute to the overwhelming pressure of holiday expectations. Trying to take care of everyone and everything can be Very Stressful. To add to the stress, many families are spread across the country, even the world. Missing loved ones can add to the stress as well as additional Travel Plans. If you do not have a family or if you live far away from your family, the tendency to feel isolated and alonecan create fear and depression.

The additional responsibilities during the holidays can be overwhelming if not downrightexhausting!!! The pressure of buying presents or feeling guilty because you didn’t buy a present for someone can feel embarrassing and uncomfortable. Gift giving can also create confusion in the psyche about what is valuable during these optimistic and spiritually abundant times. 

A Conscious Solution……..

Consciousness requires that we pay attention to our limits.  We must recognize both the positive and the negative events of the season so we can take the actions that serve us the best. Women tend to think they can “do it all” during this time.  We just simply cannot! There is a way to approach the harder and more difficult aspects of the season. We must first be conscious that they exist. Don’t deny that you can get completely caught up in the tradition and expectations of the season. Second it pays to have a strategy to help you focus when you find the stresses building. Below are a few ideas that may help you to manage your energy and stress levels during this time. 

5 Ways to Consciously Experience the Holidays!

#1. Know and maintain your personal balance and limitations. This includes exercising, resting and eating well. You will have more energy during the demanding times if you take good care of your physical body.

#2. Remember your priorities. Narrow your choices. Decide what you want before going shopping. Stores are designed to work on your indecision and your desires to please everyone.

#3. Watch your expectations and attachments. Be open to the outcome of what the holidays will be for you this year. Be careful not to compare this year with other years or with other people.

#4. Observe your created levels of stress. We all create our own tension. Do a daily check in on how much you are really enjoying yourself. Are you having fun? Are you doing too much?

#5.Value and evaluate the quality time spent with close friends and family.

“Presence” vs. “Presents”

Spend time with those you love and care for.

You don’t have to buy everyone – everything.

Or for that matter anyone – anything.

Your Presence is always enough.

Have a wonderful holiday. I look forward to working with you.