An Astrological Necessity

Found in the Planet Saturn

Peninsula Woman

Jul – Aug 2002 

Time is one of the basic fundamental themes in the art and science of astrology and in all our lives. Understanding time is necessary. The job of building a conscious awareness of the value of time rests upon the shoulders of the planet Saturn.

Where Saturn is placed in your natal chart points you to where you must take the time to develop certain qualities and disciplines, so that you may evolve and grow as a soul.

Saturn symbolizes the process of responsibility, discipline, growth and change. The sign and house position of Saturn helps to show an individual where he is likely to feel frustrated or meet with difficulties. These obstacles are directly and intrinsically related to where your real growth as a soul will be found. The difficult experiences that are connected with the placement of Saturn are obviously necessary.


Without the underlying tension of Saturn there would never be any need to grow. Without Saturn we would lie as a seed in the ground that never pushes through the pressure of the earth above that is necessary to actualize its fullest potential. Saturn is then clearly associated with the idea of potential.

When we understand and grasp the meaning of Saturn’s placement in our chart we become conscious of what our soul thought would be our greatest potential in this lifetime. Without consciousness of our placement of Saturn we might understand its graceful teachings as pain and frustration. Saturn’s placement in a chart indicates that it may “take some time” to understand the frustration and pain but, be patient, time does heal. For you, when and at what “time” does Saturn show its hardest lessons?

The Saturn Return
Every planet has a natural rhythm or cycle of movement. These rhythms or cycles influence a natural evolutionary process that is necessary for growth and change. Saturn has a seven-year cycle withinits complete twenty-eight year cycle. After twenty-eight years Saturn moves back to where it was when you were born, this is called your “Saturn Return.” The first twenty-eight years of our lives are spent living out the conditions and ideas that are represented by our past. When Saturn returns to its natal position it serves us as a reminder that there may be things in our current life position that inhibit or hold back our essential and natural growth for us to evolve or change. The Saturn return approaches and a person can begin to feel frustrated and restricted or perhaps depressed by the current reality or conditions in their life. This frustration comes because the soul needs to evolve out of the past conditioning and into the future. It is as if the understanding of “I don’t have a lot of time” comes to the foreground and there is an urgency of making extremely important choices that will affect the person for the next 28 years as Saturn makes its next orbit around your natal chart only to return again at fifty-six years for the Second Saturn Return……….

The Second Saturn Return
Yes, Saturn does Return again. Only this time at the age of fifty-six it comes as more gentle reminder to those who heeded its voice at the age of twenty-eight. If the lessons were not learned and the soul did not become conscious that the frustrations and the pain were their greatest teachers, the feeling of this second cycle could be devastating. Remember that Saturn is not just a representative of pain but rather a guide-point to a psychic process that is natural to every human being. Each individual has the opportunity to utilize the experiences of pain and restriction as a means for greater consciousness and fulfillment. It is by becoming conscious of our planetary cycles and their meaning that we can be guided by the planets to live a more full and evolved life.

The Final Return
If you live to become eighty-four you will experience what is generally your last Saturn return (the fourth one is at the age of 110 yrs. I am not a pessimist; I wish we could all live to be 110. ) This return is truly the release point of the evolutionary cycle of Saturn. The first Saturn cycle was to wake us up to the work that needs to be done, the second is to make sure it was initiated and the final cycle is the reality of what we have done in response to the transit of Saturn. It shows us what we have done with our lives and what growth has occurred over time.
If you are in a Saturn Cycle the questions you must ask yourself (relative to the sign and house of your Saturn) are: “Where am I resisting my maturity? What have I outgrown? What continues to take up my time that in your heart you know you have outgrown? “ We are here to evolve and grow as souls. Saturn teaches us that time is part of the equation.

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