The Wisdom

of Obstacles

The Peninsula Woman

Sept – Oct 2006


 When I was a young girl, I remember pouting when I did not get my way.  I wanted so much out of life and when I didn’t get what I wanted right away, I recall pushing my lower lip out, crossing my arms and sulking. It was not easy hearing the word  — No! Well, as a result I have learned how important obstacles are.

What is an Obstacle and why do we need them?
An obstacle is something that obstructs or hinders any type of anticipated progress.  An obstacle is something that needs to be overcome and moved through. We are a society that supports and rewards achievement and success.  In order to feel that we have achieved, we must have an obstacle to overcome. Overcoming an obstacle builds character and integrity, qualities that are important in being an adult.

How can I overcome my Obstacles?
Unless an obstacle is life threatening it usually can be overcome if you ask yourself the right questions and understand that the only thing needed to get through any obstacle is patience and a plan. Years ago it would take as long as 2-3 weeks to get a doctor come to your house for medical attention.  Now you can either call an ambulance or drive to a hospital for immediate medical care. Many people died before the doctor arrived in those early days, but with the advent of hospitals and ambulances that obstacle was overcome and more people now receive the immediate care and attention they need. In this generation getting what we want usually takes a quick phone call or a visit to the Internet.  Our world is faster and  “life threatening” obstacles may be fewer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have obstacles.  

We will always have obstacles because growth requires obstacles.  We can see this in nature. A seed is planted in the ground and must be fed and nurtured by the earth until it is ready to sprout.  When ready, it pushes up against the earth and breaks through the ground to grow to its full potential.  We all have the same journey as that little seed.  Instead of the earth being out obstacle, we must break ground by growing through the hard situations that we experience in our lives. 

Before you perceive something as an obstacle, ask yourself these 5 questions. 
1.  Is this obstacle life threatening? 
2.  Is the problem really as bad as it seems?
3.  How long will it (reasonably) take to get through this problem?
4.  If I overcome this obstacle how will I feel about myself?
5.  Have I overcome this obstacle before?  If so, what was the outcome?

How Astrology or Counseling can help!
Of course, there are many obstacles that may need a deeper and more objective viewpoint.  When I received my first Astrological reading many years ago I was facing so many huge obstacles in front of me that I was completely overwhelmed.  After seeing an Astrologer I learned that I was in a cycle called the “Saturn Return.” I learned that it would last two years and was affecting the part of my Astrological Chart that had to do with money and finances. (Needless to say I was facing a possible Bankruptcy, did not have a job and was not clear about where I was going to live.) It was a really tough time for me but the knowledge of that important cycle and that it was only for the next 2 years helped me to breathe a bit more easily so I could deal with the many issues I was facing.

With each obstacle that you overcome in your life you will find a core sense of strength inside you. When you understand the Wisdom of Obstacles  — you will be able to tackle anything that is placed before you.   Leonardo Da Vinci, the great scientist, inventor and painter once said:  “Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve.  He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.”