Spring is Here!

A Time for Emergence &  

Change with Aries Energy!

Peninsula Woman

Mar – Apr 2001 

I have a new window in my office that I look out of every day at work. Today is the first day of March and as I look out my window I am noticing that in three weeks it is going to be spring!! I am so excited. The trees are beginning to unfurl their new leaves, the air is becoming slightly warmer and I can hear the birds singing loudly. My thoughts have gone to all of the things that I like about spring. The smell of new cut grass, putting my feet in the grass, going barefoot all the time, wearing shorts, being in the sun in my backyard and seeing children outside playing. I also enjoy watching flowers burst with delight in the warm air.

Last week my boyfriend was walking the dog at night and he found a small black bunny hopping around the neighborhood. He brought it home. To me it represented the perfect omen to the wonderful fact of Spring being just around the corner. We kept the little guy for about 4 days. He hopped around delightfully through the house and then we found a home with 4 lovely little girls who really wanted a bunny.

Did you know that the official day of spring begins when the Sun goes into the Astrological sign of Aries? This is true of all the seasons. Each of the Cardinal signs (leadership signs), Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn begins a new season. When I first became interested in Astrology I thought this was fascinating. Our seasons are linked to the Astrological signs!!!!

Just what is the Vernal Equinox or Spring? EQUINOX, pronounced EE kwuh nahks, is one of the two days of the year when the Sun is directly above the earth’s equator. The term equinox comes from a Latin word meaning equal night. At these times, the days and nights are of nearly equal lengtheverywhere on the earth. The equinox occurs on March 20 or 21 and on September 22 or 23. The March equinox marks the start of spring and is called the vernal equinox. This is called the first point of Aries. The word vernal means “of spring”. The other equinox is the Autumn Equinox This is called the first day of Libra. The September equinox marks the beginning of autumn.

Officially Spring will begin on March 20,2001 at 5:31 am. This is the first day of Aries. Aries is the sign of the Ram charging forward with its head down. Consequently, Aries is associated with the head and face in our bodies. The Aries influence is pioneering, courageous and adventurous. A true “self -starter.”

I feel the most dynamic and excited about Spring. There is so much transformation and healing that happens in nature during this time of the year. Perhaps this is why the two planets associated with transformation and energy have been associated with the sign Aries. These planets are Mars and Pluto. Where ever Mars is located in a persons astrological chart shows what the soul wants or desires. Where Pluto is located in a persons Astrological chart shows where the soul wants to change and transform. Spring is about the desire to change and transform. Just look around in nature. Everything is changing. And the change is dramatic. What do you want to change? How can you be in line with nature and the dramatic change associated with Spring? Where have you been holding yourself down all winter waiting for the right time to change? Spring is here. Now is the time. Clear out your closets, renew your energy and take the time to express what you have been wanting to do all winter and DO IT NOW!!!

If you have ever been around an Aries person you will notice that these people do not wait! They are our children of the zodiac. You know how impatient children can be for what they want. Spring is the time to burst forward and become excited about new beginnings and to start something you have been wanting to do for a while. Get up, dust yourself off from the long winter and get out into your community. Volunteer for something new! There is no time like now, there is no need to wait. Follow natures path which means that in Spring it is time to burst forward and transform!! Change is afoot and Change is what this season is all about.