Relieve Your Stress,

By the Light

of the Silvery Moon!

The Peninsula Woman

Mar – Apr 2007


We live in a society than is busier than ever. Finding balance in an “overly informed” society can sometimes be tough. Actually it may even cause more stress. So how can we find a simple way to understand and relieve our stress? Well, lets look to the moon!

When stressed out “to the max” each of us will try to find relief in our own unique way. In astrology, the placement of the Moon in your Astrological Chart is one significator as to how you can find relief from daily stress in your own distinctive and significant way.

Why the Moon?
The nature of the Moon is that it holds a more unconscious signature or perspective.  Which means you will need to look more deeply. The moon is connected to what your inner needs and desires are. The Moon symbolizes the unconscious, your instincts, and what you will personally need to feel nurtured in your life.When we get what we need it helps us to relieve our stress.

Here is a brief description suggesting what each moon sign position will need to help alleviate stress for you.    

Moon in Aries: Relief is easy for the Aries Moon – you need action and independence. Run, exercise, punch a bag, start a business.  Just don’t sit still.  In a crisis, doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Moon in Taurus: The safer you feel the better. Surround yourself with people and things that help you to feel comfortable.  Touch or affection is important. Get a massage or listen to music to soothe you.

Moon in Gemini:
Stress is alleviated for the Twin Sign through communication and sharing. Stressed out?  Call a friend and talk. You need to be mentally stimulated or just listened to. Mental stimulation is a must for you!

Moon in Cancer:
The crab instinctively likes to merge with her environment. In stress you need to find a nurturing and supportive place to relax. The local Spa is a great place to rejuvenate and water is a place to feel support.

Moon in Leo: Feeling proud of yourself is how you feel the safest
, the most loved and the most nurtured. Lions are proud animals.  Playing is a great outlet! Take an art class or find an instrument to play.  Roar and laugh!

Moon in Virgo:
Service is a big stress reliever for this sign. Activities that are detail oriented can also help. Stress is released through doing something useful and practical. You will need an activity that represents productivity.

Moon in Libra:
A surefire method of relieving stress is to make sure what you are doing has an element of beauty connected to it, things that appeal to your aesthetic sense. Arrange flowers or visiting an art museum. Spending time with friends will also help you release stress.

Moon in Scorpio:
Fortunately for the Scorpio, stress is not stress.  It is an opportunity to go deeper.  To handle stress, you will want to go more deeply into it.  Don’t walk away from the emotional drama. Talk to a psychologically adept person, trust me, it will relax you.

Moon in Sagittarius:
Stress is an opportunity for adventure and exploration. Outdoor activities such as walking or hiking will help.  Reading self-help books will expand your mind, which will eliminate discomfort. Expansion is the key to releasing your stress.

Moon in Capricorn:Boundaries help the Goat under stress. To keep emotionally safe draw boundaries between yourself and others. When feeling threatened or in a crisis, you will eliminate stress by taking responsibility and getting in control (and on top) of the situation.

Moon in Aquarius:
Change your surroundingsand stir things up! You’ll feel more comfortable and satisfied when knowing that something exciting, unique, and totally different is awaiting you. Be original and think out of the box!

Moon in Pisces:
Stress can be a killer for the emotionally empathic fish.  It is absolutely essential for this moon sign to escape through calm and quiet places. Meditation is a must. Watch movies or take long contemplative walks at the ocean. Escape!