Unlocking your Prosperity

as a Woman

Astrology & Money

The Peninsula Woman

Fall Issue 1999



Recently it was reported in Time Magazine that “the average female worker in America still earns just 76 cents for every dollar a man earns. An increase of 17 cents from the ‘70s.” It also reports that, “there are only two female CEO’s at FORTUNE 500 companies, and just 10% of corporate officers are woman.”

Lets face it, it wasn’t until the 20’s and 30’s that woman first began to leave their homes to join the work force. Woman have been exploring the reality of having money in their lives for a very short while.

How do you feel about money? Feelings are a big part of our lives as women. A lot of our problems with money can be answered not by looking at dollars and cents but by looking at our attitudes and feelings.

What do you do with your money? How you spend your money indicates what you truly “value” in life. It shows you what is important to you. It helps you to understand why you acquire the things and experiences that you have in your life.

There are many financial indicators in an Astrological chart. In this article we will examine three.

An astrological chart is derived from the date, the time and the place of your birth. The chart could be considered a map of the landscape we call our lives. Basically, it is a circle divided into 12 different segments. Each segment of the circle is related to a different area of your life. They are called Houses. Then, the planets from the Sun to Pluto are placed into the chart along with the astrological signs.

Remember, as women we must use every tool that we have to help us understand ourselves.

Astrologers draw conclusions from a chart much like a weather forecaster, an economist or an anthropologist: from history. But first we consider all the obvious elements in an individual’s environment such as where they were born, their family history, their race and sex as well as their current lifestyle. Then we consult your chart and bring together the past (what we know) and the present (what you are doing with your life) to come to a synthesis of what is termed a chart reading.

Lets start with our first financial indicator. How we feel about money is indicated by the Moon in our charts. It is one of the first indicators in the chart of our financial attitude. Did you know that the root origin for the word “Money” is MOON. The Moon has always been associated with the subconscious feminine, our feelings and our emotional bodies. The Moon shows our unconscious need for security, nourishment and survival. Of course this all began with MOM. The Moon also shows our unique relationship that we have with our mothers.

This relationship is a primary factor in how we unconsciously accept and receive money into our lives. Since our first form of nourishment and our lessons of giving and receiving come from our mother this is a main place to look.

The next financial indicator in our chart is the sign and placement of the planetary body Venus. Venus shows your connection to pleasure, comfort and love. We all want to be loved. Venus is the planetary body that shows how we want to be loved and how we love others.

Advertisers know this very well. They advertise everything from mouthwash to cars in such a way that helps to emphasize the natural drive of Venus for love, attention and approval. When we are bombarded with advertising and the constant desire for love we may neglect the deeper understanding of our placement of Venus in our charts that shows what we really love and care about. When we recognize that our difficulties do not stem from dollars and cents but from how we truly want to be loved then financial difficulties no longer have a hold on our lives.

These are just a few areas that are incorporated into an astrological reading. Hopefully they will give you an idea that prosperity is an attitude and a feeling. Money is a feminine concept. It is about receiving. Allow yourself to understand your feelings about it. It is not a mystery but a story that we feel and tell ourselves every day.

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