In the Beginning,

there was a Card…

Peninsula Woman

Winter 2000


Did you know that every day of the year is assigned to one of the 52 Cards in our playing card deck? Also, when you know what your card is, it can help you learn more about yourself, your relationships and your destiny?

This article has two purposes. One is to introduce you to this fabulous system that I use in my practice which is called Birth Cards. The other is to help you understand how this links to the Ancient Practice of Astrology and you!

Our 52 Playing Card Deck originated many thousands of years ago. Some speculate that it originated in Atlantis since all major civilizations claim their invention. A pack of cards, said to be about a thousand years old, is preserved in the Museum of the Royal Asiatic Society. It is also claimed that they have been known in India from time immemorial. (Cyc. Brit, Art. Cards.) It is also believed that these cards originated before our traditional Tarot decks, not after.

Basically, it is this: Hearts are the 1st suit and are associated with love and relationships. They are linked to our season of Spring which is filled with love and life-giving rain. Hearts are linked to the element of Water and would be the suit of Cups in the Tarot. If you are a Heart card you are a person whose main form of expression and life path would be worked out through the vehicle of relationship. Goldie Hawn is a Queen of Hearts. Mother Teresa is a Queen of Hearts.

Clubs are our next suit which is linked to Summer. In this season we leave childhood behind and turn our attention to the acquisition of knowledge and education. Clubs are associated with the element of air and correspond to the suit of Swords in the Tarot. Clubs represent the status of our mind, the acquisition of knowledge and the art of communication. If you were born a Club you may feel like an eternal student. Desiring to learn new things and fulfilling the interest in communicating them is the art of being a club. Madonna is a Ten of Clubs and Queen Elizabeth was a King of Clubs.

Then we have the Diamonds which is linked to our next season Autumn. Autumn is the season of harvest and reaping the results of the seeds we have sown in our lives. Diamonds coincide with the element of Earth and the suit of Pentacles in the Tarot. The common meaning of Diamonds is money but on a deeper level this represents our “values.” It is what we do with our money that shows us what we deeply value. Diamond people are working out their karma through money and values. Dolly Parton is an Eight of Diamonds and Drew Barrymore is a Three of Diamonds.

Finally we come to the last suit – Spades. Our final season winter. It is with this season that death and transformation become apparent. Spades are wise old people who show maturity and wisdom at a very young age. Spades are associated with the element of Fire and the suit of Wands in the Tarot deck. If you were born a spade your life is about work and health on a basic level. On a deeper level it is about spirituality and the condition of your inner “fire.” Spades have a strong materialistic nature and also a strong spiritualistic nature. Sometimes they show both. Princess Diana was an Ace of Spades and Marilyn Monroe was a Three of Spades.

Each card is then associated with a specific pattern. This is where the system is really fun. For example, all people born as Queens see themselves as a mother in some way or another. All those born as an Ace are like the number One. One has always been associated with creativity and productivity. In the Tarot it is the Magician card. Magic is part of the creation process. Aces are interested in creating and are conduits of many new projects and ideas. Aces are the Initiates of the
suit and Kings are the Mastery of the suit.

Ok, so how does this relate to Astrology? For example, lets look at Oprah Winfrey. She was born on January 29, 1954. She is a Jack of Clubs. Remember that Clubs have to do with communication and information. This card is known as theMentally and Financially Creative card. Jacks have always been a part of the “royal court” but are not yet kings or even queens. Jacks are also known as the initiates of the deck. Many Jacks are here to rise above their material nature to one that is spiritual. That would mean that any Jack of Clubscould rise to spiritual knowledge. I would definitely say that Oprah has done this. Oprah is also an Aquarian. Aquarian’s key phrase is “I know.” She also has Virgo rising. So in her case her chart ruler is the planet Mercury. Mercury is located in her 6th house (the work house). It is in the sign Aquarius. Oprah’s chart expresses with this pattern: the “need to express information to the public as part of her daily work.” This goes right along with her being a Club. With Clubs, I have found that the planet Mercury (the planet of communications) is usually prominently placed in the chart tohighlight the souls desire for communication. A pattern keeps emerging no matter what system I use. For example, Oprah’s soul need to communicate.

Remember that Birth Cards are just one of the many systems that I incorporate into a reading to uncover your pattern. The combination of your Astrological chart and your particular Birth card help me arrive very quickly to your souls purpose.

The magic and information that was once hidden is now emerging with the dawn of the Aquarian Age!