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Astrology and Your Career

as a Woman

The Peninsula Woman

Summer 1999


It happens about once a month…… I go into a cleaning frenzy. It has to be a woman thing. A few days before my menstrual cycle I find myself a crazed madwoman. I clean all kinds of things. Maybe you know what I am talking about. Have you ever had this experience? 

I don’t do this in a normal way. I get this gleam in my eyes and a total body surge to get the project accomplished. Literally, if anyone is in my way, they will be vacuumed or polished depending on what I am doing. It is a huge catharsis. When I am done, I feel purified and cleansed. It is glorious. I am healed. I know the Goddess is alive in me when I am done.

Maybe that is what this New Millennium is about. Starting fresh. New beginnings. Hope for Purification. Venturing into a new cycle.
What exactly is a new Millennium? Why is there such a fuss about ending the year 1999 and going to the year 2000? Isn’t it just another day? I mean come on, what is this? Why is it so important? How important are cycles?

Life Cycles
A cycle is defined as: “An interval of time during which a characteristic, often regularly repeated event or sequence of events occurs: Sunspots increase and decrease in intensity in an 11-year cycle.” 
Life is about Cycles. The Sun rises and sets. A year is a cycle of the four seasons. The cycle of birth, growth, and death are cycles of life. We move through many different “age” cycles from infants to senior citizens.

Cycles are feminine. They occur in a circle. Often repeating themselves. Woman feel the depth and potential of cycles every month during menstration. This monthly occurrence creates a foundation for the activities in woman’s daily lives. What a glorious thing to help us stay connected to the feminine. 
Many American Indian cultures refer to their menstrual cycle as “being on their moon.” The menstrual cycle averages 28 days. From the New Moon to the Full Moon is a 28 day cycle. The moon is the archetype of the Feminine and it’s qualities are reflective and internal. The Moon is associated with the Astrological sign Cancer. Cancer is the sign associated with the Mother.

Astrology is a study of cycles. It helps us stay connected to the effects that the planetary bodies have on us. There are cycles of beginnings and endings in every area of our lives. We have the planets so we can “plan it.” Astrology helps us to observe what cycles we are under, and how to use this information to make more educated choices. As a woman if you know you will be “on your moon,” you plan according to that cycle. It helps to prepare and create a foundation for our activities. It is truly wonderful to know there is an “order” and a connection to the cycles and our lives.

How to Clear for the Millennium
A Millennium is described in the dictionary as: “A span of one thousand years,” and “A hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice. If you live to be 100 years old that is one-tenth of a thousand years. 10 lifetimes is a millennium.
The new Millennium is the age of the Feminine. We are moving out of the number one and into the number two which in numerology is about the Feminine principles. Concepts which include opposition, repetition, dependence and union, cooperation, wisdom and Subconsciousness. 
It is about enjoying and becoming a more fully evolved feminine being. Who are your woman allies in this new Millennium?

I went to the stationary store yesterday and bought a huge erasable calendar for the year 2000. Next week I am going to sit down and plan my new year with a girlfriend of mine. What an honor to have a woman friend help me prepare for what I am willing to receive in the new year. She is also helping me paint my astrology studio. She is showing up for me. That is priceless. Sure, we have coffee on occasion at the local coffee shop and talk about our lives. But sharing our energy is honoring and opening to the true support of what our souls need from each other. Love, acceptance and service.

Clearing for the Millennium means reconnecting with your feminine. I have a list by the telephone of all my woman friends. When I want to reconnect they are there. Woman will always show up for you. That is how we are designed. We are sisters, mothers and grandmothers.
Life is about cycles. Beginnings and endings. In order to receive a new cycle we must be able to clear out the old and rejoice with the new that is waiting to come through.

Having your chart done will help you to understand what cycles you are under and how to clear for the New Millennium. It will help you make educated choices based on the planets. So that you can plan it!!!