Astrology, True Love

and Relationships

Peninsula Woman

Summer 2000


Contrary to popular belief, true love doesn’t come from the outside of us.  It begins and ends with ourselves. Throw away all the books that you have on how to “make a relationship work”, “keeping love alive” and finding your “soulmate”. I know this may sound pretty radical. I absolutely love and enjoy these books, but that is not what this article is about. What you must know, and what this article is really about is, when you are really serious about getting into and sustaining a committed relationship you must have a relationship with yourself.

What are the first steps I must take?
I have many clients that call me regarding relationship issues. I absolutely love and enjoy relationship counseling. Many of these clients want to know if “this person” or “that person” is “good” for them. To tell you the truth, – HOW SHOULD I KNOW? Many times I am forced to ask my client, “Who are YOU? and “What do YOU want?” “Do you know enough about yourself to know if this person “fits your mold?” Do they “complete” YOU? The only way we can arrive at the answers to those questions is if we have done any work on ourselves to make that determination.

“Who am I?” “What am I doing?” And, you know, those are hard questions!! The answers to these questions require deep personal self exploration. The relationship to yourself is the first step you must take. You must first have the willingness to learn how to enjoy yourself and the courage to accept your internal voice —without hesitation.

Is there really any person out there that will complete me?
I believe that everyone on this planet can have the wonderful and enchanted love that they desire. I KNOW that out of the billions of people on this earth there is someone out there that will complete you. Do YOU believe it? If you don’t believe this, you are one of the thousands of people who is either in, or out of a relationship, but still extremely lonely. I am amazed at those people who will say to me, “There just aren’t any men (or women) out there. They are either married or they just don’t exist.” If you truly loved yourself you would never think this to be an impossibility. When you love yourself, truly, people will flock to you. I have a very close girlfriend who is currently on the path of finding a relationship. (She also happens to be under a fairly intense relationship cycle) She is young, talented, and quite intriguing to men. She has more dates than you could possibly imagine. If you live in the belief system that “there aren’t any men out there” my friend will simply look at you amazed. She has made a commitment to “the path” of finding love. She is now realizing that it is “all about her.” The men are there. Now she is realizing that without really knowing who she is, or what direction she is going she will not be able to find the partner that will “complete” her. What I think we all will find once we have made a commitment to this path is that it “doesn’t exist out there.” Our struggle is our internal self love and acceptance…..PERIOD. Enchanted Love. Romantic Love. Head over heels Love.. It is possible. But you must first fall in love with yourself.
What is attractive? Woman are taught to believe through the media and elsewhere that you must be beautiful on the outside. HOGWASH.

What is really attractive?
Listen very carefully here, you have probably heard it before, Self confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. It is that simple. Men are intrigued by the woman who carries herself with self-acceptance and self-confidence. I know that you have heard that “beauty is skin deep.” Okay, put that on your mirror and carve it into your soul. It
is the truth, was the truth and will always be the truth. You are beautiful beyond measure. Look inside…. again…. and again.. I know that you will truly like what you find. And in doing that, someone else will like what you are finding. Before you know it, you will be in the most beautiful and enchanting relationship that I KNOW IS POSSIBLE!!!!!