The Millennium.

And the Birth Process

of the Feminine.

The Peninsula Woman

Spring 1999

Welcome to the last year of the Milenium – 1999! The beginning of the Aquarian Age, the Dawn of the Information Age, the Age of Enlightenment. Technically, many astrologers feel the actual entry date of the Age of Aquarius will be when the planet Neptune goes into the sign of Pisces. This will happen in the year 2012. But look around. It is here!!!

In Astrology, each astrological sign has association with specific concepts, things, people and places. Aquarian concepts include; unconventional ideas, independence, originality, free will, freedom of self-expression, growth, and discoveries.

Then we have the “things” associated with Aquarian principles such as; the telephone, television, radio, science fiction, radar, electronics, and computers. Finally, Aquarian people; Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Helen Gurley Brown, Sheryl Crow, Joan of Arc, Yoko Ono, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindburgh, John Belushi, Charles Darwin, Alice Cooper, James Dean, Charles Dickens, John McEnroe, Wolfgang Mozart, Norman Rockwell, John Travolta……this is just to name a few.

You are living in the most incredible time to be alive regarding the cycles. If you look around you can see the way this is playing out in your life. With the Aquarian age upon us we are able to receive information at the click of a Mouse or the flip of a radio or television switch. With the advent of the Internet, Information is truly here. We are truly in the Age of Enlightenment. Now more than ever before, we have so much information at our hands. There is no reason but for lack of will and direction should you be kept from freeing yourself and expanding your consciousness.

Why is this Age more important for Woman then any other Age or time? We are leaving the years that start with the number “1,” and entering the years that start with the number “2.” 1999- 2000. The number “1” has to do with the Masculine principles. The number “2” has to do with the Feminine principles. “1” stands for initiative, one-pointedness, individuality, inception and Self-consciousness. Self-consciousnes is conscious of being one, standing in relation to others. I am I, and that other is not-I. The number “2” stands for relationship, we, opposition, repetition, dependence and union, cooperation, wisdom and the Subconsciousness.

Subconsciousness is aware of being two when standing in relation to others. Its about the other, the relationship of our soul to the other. Subconsciousness relates to us in the personal realm as well as the universal. The subconsious keeps an exact record of all the experiences you have had in your life. Therefore it has perfect memory. So, if we tap into the subconscious we have access to our subconsious memories both personally and collectively. This is the power of the feminine.

In Astrology, the number “1” has to do with the first house, or first section of your chart. It also has to do with the Planetary Body, the Sun. The number “2” has association with the second house or second section of your chart and the Planetary Body, the Moon. In the Tarot Deck, the Magician card has to do with the number one, and the number two has to do with the card of The High Priestess. Clearly, there is great symbolism in numbers. The science of numbers is the foundation for all the esoteric sciences, Astrology, Numerology, and the Tarot. etc. And the esoteric sciences are all feminine in their understanding and approach.

So what can we do as woman? What can astrology do for woman? An astrological chart is a blueprint of the souls purpose and direction in life. It represents the subconsious urge from the soul. If we know our charts, we are aligning ourselves with the subconscious, the feminine principles of life, the number 2. We are acknowleding that we are connected with something bigger than self and self-consciousness, number 1. We are looking into our record book of the cosmos, our patterns and blueprints of past events and upcoming events. These are indicated in your chart. We can also have our charts calculated and understood for our children and know what their blueprints are. We can see their obstacles and their lessons as well as their blessings. We can use the chart as a resource facilitator, as a tool.

Do we need astrology? Absolutely. Womans focus has, and will always be subconscious material. Woman need to have all of these focused subconsious tools at their disposal. We, woman are holding it all together. We are now more than ever integrating more responsibilities and disciplines in our lives more than lets say…… even 10 years ago. The chart is what is happening at the Soul level. It is what is understand at the level of the subconscious. As the chart is revealed to you, you make what is subconscious, conscious. Then, and only then, can you begin to transcend the chart and move into freedom.

Did you know that in India there is no such thing as psycotherapy? When you have a question you go to an astrologer. When your child is born, you immediately have a chart done. Believe me I am not knocking therapy or therapists. I think we have remarkable therapists doing incredible work in this country. But this country is still hesitant in accepting the internal feminine arts such as astrology, numerology and the Tarot.

These are lost internal, feminine arts. But remember from I have explained in this article is that this is because we have been in an age of masculine, the number one, the self. My prediction is that Astrology will begin to come to the foreground in the next 50 years. It has to. It has so much information that has to be shared. Check the internet. There are already hundreds of web pages on astrology. Its here. Enjoy it. The feminine is not going away with the Age of Aquarius and the number “2.” Get your chart done! Take it to a competent astrologer. Prepare for this millenium, because it is here!!