Astrology and the Cycle of

Birth and Death

Peninsula Woman

Spring 2000


One of the most important things to a Woman is the relationship she has to her father. I thank my father daily for the tools that he has given to me. They have helped me become the empowered woman I am today. He never once doubted my ability and always inspired me to reach the highest peaks that I could.

At the time of this writing I am in San Diego witnessing the unexpected hospitalization and critical care of my father. We have also been looking forward to the birth of a new nephew, Max, due on February 5th.

Many of my clients ask me if I can predict a time of birth or a time of death. Fortunately there are cycles to help us prepare for these life events. In my opinion, prediction is impossible given that we all have divine free will and choice. What is needed at the time of predicting cycles is an honest look at a person’s life, how they have lived it, and what has value and meaning to them.

Last Thanksgiving my father had written me a check to receive an astrological reading. His first reading ever. I knew that he was ill at the time. He was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease – pulmonary fibrosis. In the past year he had grown in his spiritual practice. He was planning on retiring on March 1st. Having been a dentist for over 40 years, this was a big life step for him.

In preparing for his reading I noticed quite a few auspicious placements of planets that would begin in February. I would like to share these astrological factors with you.

The first auspicious thing to occur was the Solar Eclipse on Saturday, February 5th. This began a one year cycle effecting the 8th house of my fathers chart. This is the house of responsibility, commitment and letting go. The ancients used to call it the house of Death.

On that same day, the Sun was aligned with the planet Uranus in the 8th house, bringing an unexpected chain of events in his life concerning this part of his chart. On Sunday he was taken to the hospital barely able to breath. What was unexpected was that we did not feel that he would pass for quite a few years. He was a vibrant man and full of life.

My father is a Gemini. His ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communications and the mind. That planet also went into his 8th house as well, on January 25th. His rising sign is Cancer. His chart ruler is the Moon. February 5th was a New Moon Cycle. A time to initiate new projects. The New Moon was also centered in his eighth house.

Please keep in mind that the planets don’t make things happen. These cycles come along andenlighten us to specific areas of our lives. We have made prior choices in our lives that we are always working with. Much of life is dependent on the choices we have made in the past.

My father was born with his Path of Destiny in the 10th house (career house). During the past year he had the planet Saturn (planet of lessons & tests) moving across this. This was a time of working on career and goals. This was where his greatest challenges lie and his soul was growing. By the time Saturn had gone direct in January, he had decided to retire and pursue his dream of writing and personal spiritual path.

If any of you know a Gemini, you know how hard it is for them to slow down and smell the roses. They are ruled by the planet Mercury. The fastest and swiftest planet in the solar system. Mercury periodically slows its fast pace and goes into what is called, “retrograde.” On February 21st Mercury had gone retrograde. My fathers kidneys were failing and they had stopped feeding him intravenously because his stomach was no longer absorbing food. He had been on life support for two and a half weeks. It was time to let him go.

The next day we gathered around his bed. Said our prayers to his divine spirit and watched as the doctors humanely took him off the respirator. He passed very beautifully and gracefully. He was 69 years old. He was free.

The very next day, February 23, Max was born. A healthy, dark haired little boy that I will meet very soon. I loved my father. In time, I will grow to love Max as an integral part of my wonderful family. He is the first male child to carry on the name of our family. Thus again beginning the cycle of life and death.

From my older brother, this was truly the final gift. The gift of life.