To Believe or Not Believe…

That is the question.

Peninsula Woman

Sep – Oct 2001


I was on the telephone the other day with a woman ordering some computer items. She asked me what I did for a profession. I paused for a second and reflected on the many variety of comments that I usually receive from people when I tell them that I am an Astrologer. I decided to tell her. “I am an Astrologer.” She came back with a very typical reply. “Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff.” On many occasions I just go on with the conversation, not really addressing the answer I have received. That day I decided to reply.

“Well,” I said. “Astrology really isn’t something to believe in. Actually, it is an ancient tool to help you with your life. Much like a map. You don’t have to believe in a map so that it will help you ….lets say, drive to New York. You just decide that a map will be helpful.

If you want to use it Astrology can be a helpful tool, like a map. But if you don’t want to use it, just get into your car and start driving. Probably one day will you get to New York. Some people need maps, others just get into their cars and drive. I prefer a map.” We talked at length. She ended up thanking me for putting Astrology in a more open ended way. It is amazing what conversations you can eventually have with sales people. I am sure you have had the same experience.

I don’t know when Astrology started getting the reputation that it is something to “believe in.” I was raised in a very religious family. I was taught to pray and believe that god would help me. I never had the direct experience of “god” helping me. I found that I helped myself and people helped me. I never had this experience that “God” would help me ? especially if I “believed” in him. I realized that people were more godly than this idea of god. Therefore I look for the “God” in people.

I feel the same thing with Astrology. I don’t look for the answers in Astrology. I don’t look for the answers in my teachers or in an Astrologer. I use astrology to help me with discovering the answers I know I already have inside myself.

Sometimes I use this metaphor with being a Mother. I can remember many times in my life when I wanted my mother “to help me.” There are so many expectations that we have of “mothers.” What I realized eventually when I grew up was that my mother was there to guide me. She was a person too. I usually disliked it when she told me what to do. I guess what I getting at is that true empowerment comes when someone “guides you” to the answers that already lie within you.

Be careful to avoid teachers or gurus that are so ready to “tell you what to do, how to do it and where to go.” As an Astrologer my job is to empower you to understand that your true power always comes from within yourself. It is so important to utilize tools such as astrology to just help you go inside to find the answers to your souls questions.

It is not a tool to help you find outer solutions. The answers to your questions lie within. What feels right to you (no matter what a person in authority might tell) you is right.

Just remember what it was like to be a teenager. Then call your mother, or an astrologer. It will be better that you come from your own authority and not fall into “believing” in something. Well, for that matter… anything that is not what your direct experience is. Experience is the greatest and wisest teacher. Peace to you on your journey.