Knowing Your

Families Astrology

Peninsula Woman

Early Summer 2000 

I was incredibly blessed to be born into a large family. Knowing my families astrological charts has provided incredible insight and compassion for me (especially during the more difficult times.) With 3 brothers and 2 sisters, this was a large arena to learn in. Astrology has explained why we have all taken such different paths in our lives.

Often times in a consultation, a client will inquire about their husband, wife or child. I encourage these questions in readings because it is helpful to us to see how our families have affected, and are affecting our growth What a great place to start — your family!

Can you do a reading on a child? The interpretation of a child’s chart is basically the same as an adult. The goal is to make one conscious of their individual tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.

For example, (generally speaking) when looking at a child’s chart we must begin by determining whether that child is motivated by the past (water & earth signs) or motivated by the future (fire & air signs). The water and earth signs are here to help continue the ideas of the past. These children will tend to watch very carefully how things have ìbeen done.î They will strive to maintain the status quo.

The fire and air signs are here to create and envision the future and to change the status quo. Both of these qualities are very important. Without people focusing on the past we will continually make the same mistakes and without visionaries of what is to come, life could become dull and boring. This is balance.

Secondly, we will look at how the child is oriented to the world. This is thought of in a few ways. The first thing an astrological chart will indicate is whether the child is individual or relationship oriented. If a child is relationship oriented you will want to put them into groups and classes. They will need arenas where that desire can be fulfilled. If they are individually oriented they may need more alone time than other children. This will allow them to explore their own world that doesnít necessarily always include others. There are certainly many combinations of the above concepts and this must be thoroughly explored before guiding them on their path.

The final thing with children is to simply watch them. Help them explore their natural urges. Observe very closely and the child will reveal to you their astrological signs tendencies.

Often times I have had wives and/or husbands complain that their spouses are ìalways at work.î After looking at their charts we find that their main place of growth is in the career part if their chart. Many of these spouses find that after they are assured that this is where their partners need to be they begin to receive more love and attention from them. It is with this understanding that life then begins to make sense.

On a final note, the following paragraph is from a chapter in the correspondence course that I teach written by Carl Payne Tobey. I think you will find this fascinating.

ì A mother approached us with the horoscope of her son. She wanted to know for what profession he should be trained. It was a most interesting chart, and after studying it for a while, we were forced to tell the mother, ìYou canít train this child for his future profession, because it does not yet exist.î The mother was somewhat bewildered, and we had to explain that there was no school into which the parents of the Wright Brothers could have placed their children to train them in the ways of aviation. There were no schools that taught radio in 1910. There were no schools that taught radar in 1930. there are no schools today that teach the professions of tomorrow.”

Everyone’s path is unique and different. This becomes evident when you look at each individual’schart in a family. When you add astrological chart information to genetics as an important part in our developmental process then a whole world of understanding unfolds.

Family is the root of our culture and existence. If we do not understand the roots of the tree, from what can we nurture itís branches, fruits and flowers.