Made in the Cosmic Heavens

Peninsula Woman

May – Jun 2001


What is Marriage?

Marriage is a contractual as well as a spiritual union. It has been described as “the best and most important relationship that can exist between two human beings.” It is a contract of love and trust. It is a commitment that requires and deserves daily attention. It deserves this attention because no earthly happiness exceeds that of the reciprocal satisfaction in the state of commitment between two people to love and honor one another. Marriage should be a life-long building to the ideal of loving kindness, backed with the will and intention to make it last.

Many people are involved in relationships. Many couples date and also live together. The art of marriage is the next step in actualizing and making real a commitment to one another. It is the greatest union of the Heart. True marriage, one that lasts a lifetime, is based upon the amount of self love that you are willing to accept from yourself and in turn give easily and freely to another.

A Cosmic Understanding
Earlier this year I led a workshop in “Conscious Relationships” as seen through the Birth Chart. Many students were fascinated that there were tools in a Birth Chart that could help uncover what they wanted and needed in navigating and having a conscious relationship. But what about marriage?

What are the factors that are required in a union that is designed to be about a life long commitment? Does a chart show what a soul needs from another that will help the relationship flourish and grow? Yes! Your natal or birth chart shows what energy is needed from a partner. This can assist the commitment that marriage will need.

Understanding this energy can be very powerful, sometimes reconfirming, in your choice for a partner. Let me give you an example. A couple of years ago I applied and became a legally ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. About six months ago an astrology student of mine found out and asked if I would marry her and her fiancee. I knew both of them quite well and was very excited to take on this project. In their counseling sessions we discussed the charts. They both knew and realized what the other person needed to have in order to have relationship with each other. They do not take marriage lightly and are very excited to move into a relationship of marriage and commitment.

In taking a look at their charts I noticed that in order for her to make a commitment to another person she needed a partner that had a powerful Scorpio type of energy. Someone who was extremely responsible and had a strong work ethic. In his chart I noticed that he needed to have a partner that was a powerful ally, a Taurus type of person. And then more importantly a lifelong friend that he would feel committed to. I asked them if these were things they felt they had in found in each other. They laughed and said that these were the exact reasons that they had fallen in love and were still together after 7 years.

Does Astrology tell you all the answers? No. Without your conscious participation no tool can tell you who to be with and why. Many people intuitively choose a partner that they will be with all their life. It feels right and they know in their hearts that this is their soul mate.

Can Astrology help? Yes! Many times, such as the example above, a chart analysis can help provide a conscious lens to view your relationship through. “If true love is there, it cannot be hidden. If true love does not exist, it cannot be found.”

I hope that you are finding true love first within yourself. Love yourself fully and completely. Once that is overflowing and abundant, finding a person to make a commitment to becomes easy and natural.