It’s New Years Again!

What Shall I do?

Peninsula Woman

Jan – Feb 2001


It seems that the New Years Game is about changing habits. What is a habit? The dictionary says that a habit is “A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.” To change a habit you must become conscious of what you are unconscious about. What is unconscious? Unconscious is described as “Lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception.” By its very nature the ability to change a habit seems difficult. What should I do?

The ancients knew that it would be necessary to associate this time of year with a symbol that is about habits. This is why I believe people tend to explore their outworn habits at the New Year. They also knew that the above questions could be answered through our awareness and understanding of people born during this time.

In astrology these people are known as Capricorns. Capricorns have been described as reliable, practical, ambitious, prudent, efficient, persistent, and patient. The planet that rules Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn symbolizes manifestation and limitation. We all have limitations. All of us. Locating and understanding our limitations is what Saturn helps us with. Saturn helps to strengthen the personality through endurance and persistence. Saturn has a contractive nature that gives us the opportunity for introspection and deepening our lives. It helps us to work out our evolutionary process and also our outworn habits. Saturn is associated with time. It is also over time that we develop habits.

Time allows us to realize that a habit is healthy or unhealthy; that it still works for us or has outlived its usefulness. This brings us to the New Year! A focal point, a new beginning, a starting place. Everyone has Saturn located somewhere in their astrological chart. Everyone has a place they are working on that is distinctive to their soul’s lessons. Going to a competent Astrologer will help you locate Saturn. It can help you to understand where your most difficult tests and lessons lie. An astrologer can help you to make these habits more conscious.

But what do we do with our New Year? If this is the time to set things in motion and take a look at our past and try to move forward more consciously what should we do? Besides having your astrological chart done, what else could you do?

If you have a habit like smoking and would like to quit I would recommend going to a Hynotherapist. If your business is doing OK and you would like to take a look at your business strategy then hire a Business or Lifestyle coach to take a look at your business or lifestyle. If you have never pampered yourself try taking yourself out to the Spa or the Salon. If you would like to find a relationship join a singles group or matchmaking service.

If your business could use some new clients then put an advertisement in the Peninsula Woman. Take a risk. If you have never done any of these things before, change your
habits. There are many services on the Woman as Mentors website that will provide you the opportunity to step out of your outworn habits into a new and exciting 2001!!!

So what can we do? First we must make a resolution, a firm decision. What do I want? Then we must look at what habits or patterns we have in our lives that have outlived their usefulness and set out to find out what we want to change. Through time and understanding you may see that these habits have outlived their usefulness. At one time perhaps they were a way of dealing with our lives. Now is time to change them.

I hope that you have a healthy and prosperous New Year!! Until then please feel free to check out my website and email me to let me know how you are changing your habits and developing new ways to move into your New Year!!