Happy Chinese New Year

The Year of the Dog…

The Peninsula Woman

Mar – April 2006


“A boy can learn

a lot from dog: 

obedience, loyalty 

and the importance

of turning around

three times 

before lying down.”

~Robert Benchley

January 29, 2006 – February 17, 2007 Each year we celebrate an animal associated with the Chinese Astrological calendar.  This calendar was originated in 2637 B.C. by Emperor Huang Ti.  The ancient legend states that Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to come bid him farewell before he departed from the earth. Twelve animals showed up and he named a year for each animal in the order of its arrival. First came the Rat, then the Ox, the Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and finally the Boar. The animal that was ruling the year that you were born is said to have an influence over your life.  This year is the year of the Dog!

The Dog is known for its loyalty, playfulness, tenacity, protection and watchfulness.  In the Chinese culture the dog is displayed in a powerful guard position. It is a symbol of protecting the peace and keeping serenity to those around it.  The Dog may be the most likeable in the Chinese horoscope because it exudes honesty, loyalty and a passion for justice and fair play.

Dogs live entirely in the moment and respond to what is happening in the moment.  They do not hold grudges and are not overtly ambitious. Dogs are clear-eyed, open-minded observers and desire to preserve and guard the interest of the general public.  When Dog decides to take up a cause he thinks is right, he moves fairly and with attention to what is right and just.  Paradoxically, the Dog’s happiness may come from worrying and protecting those he loves.  Often he will put his own wishes on hold and be willing to sacrifice himself for the good of others.

What to do during the Year of the Dog

The year of the Dog teaches us to be watchful, defend our values and remain loyal to fairness and order.  Simplicity is in order this year.  Don’t be surprised if you are asked to join or help a cause this year.  Also, loyalty in relationship becomes more important this year, as does the family.  Dogs are pack animals and need a pack leader in every situation.  When the occasion arises and your individual gifts are needed give them freely as any dog will.

What to hold on to or pursue during the year:
–     Keeping the peace and guarding your Pack (family and good friends).

–     Your “Cause” as it relates to your own unique value system.
–     New and exciting experiences
–     Creativity and playfulness

What to avoid this year:

Hanging onto dead end things (from clutter to poor relationships.)
– Panic, anxiety and worry.
– Fighting for a cause you will never really get behind.
– Guilt trips, Pity-Parties and Bullies.

Also Dogs are pack animals and require a leader.  So if you are not a natural born leader and are having difficulty in your life, please seek help from those who are natural “pack leaders.”

This is the year to find counsel from those who know what is required of you to live happily within the human pack.  This might also mean to stay close within your inner circle of friends and family for advice and seeking the love and affection and advice that you may need during this year. 

Best results this year are achieved when worry is transformed into advanced thinking.  Also, clearing out old stuff and planning for the future. If you can, spend some time with are furry friends, the Dog and watch their behavior to learn what the  Year of the Dog has in store for you.  

“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”  Mother Teresa (born the year of the Dog).