Following your


Using Astrology

The Peninsula Woman

Mar – Apr 2005


When you wish upon a star,
makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you
If your heart is in your dreams,
no request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star as dreamers do

What is a dream?  The dictionary describes it as: A wild fancy or hope, a condition or achievement that is longed for, an aspiration, something that is exceptionally gratifying, excellent, or beautiful.

More importantly, what are your dreams?  Do you know? The above description suggests that a dream is often something out of reach. 

But what came before the dream may be equally important.  For example, if someone holds a dream of “making a lot of money” that person may have experienced extreme poverty or a feeling that there “wasn’t enough” in his or her lifetime.  Money might then become their dream.  If someone dreams of freedom, that person may have had an experience of feeling trapped.  In other words, perhaps the nightmares or difficult experiences that you have had are as fundamentally important to obtaining your dream.  Your nightmares or difficult experiences may point to what your dreams may be.

Wishing on a Star

Astrology is an art that explores the developmental process that exists in each person.  It is based on the planetary alignment in the sky when you were born.  Each chart is unique, like a fingerprint.  A horoscope in the hands of a professional astrologer can help to reveal the deeper tensions or inescapable shadow work that exists for you.  When I am working with a client one of the first questions I often ask them is, “what is your biggest fear?” This question helps direct me quite quickly to what their biggest dream might be.  If we can explore the fear, we can get to your dream. Sometimes only then can we talk about what is truly hoped and longed for.  We can get to your dream.

Many people have lost their dreams.  They can unknowingly exist in the world of grief.  The grief process must be gone through for someone to be able to recapture their dreams.  Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified the five stages of grief as: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  In working through this unique process your dreams can be recaptured.

Lets look at the first step: denial. Overcoming denial involves facing loss, admitting to the fears surrounding the loss and dealing with those feelings. Unfortunately, many times when you face losses in one area, it uncovers other related losses.  This uncovers your anger, or an inner child may throw a tantrum at realizing the loss of their dream.

As the bargaining process begins this is really the climax of the anger. This point can either lead to depression or to a higher place; truly exploring the “reality” of the situation. This point in the process can help you make “real” what the dream actually is.

Acceptance is the ultimate goal, but it is not always final. For instance, while grieving the loss of a relationship you could find yourself in a new relationship.  If you come to the same problems you had in your last relationship anger may resurface again and the grief process may need to be re-attended to.  Dreaming your dream isn’t impossible.  But it is a process.

What can an Astrological Chart do?

An astrological chart can help you to explore where you are in the process of actualizing your dreams. Through exploring the current transits and progression we can look at what immediate work needs to be addressed.  We can examine where in the grief process you are. There are many ways to deal with the grief process and recapture your life’s dreams.  For example if you are in the anger stage, talking to others, writing letters (not to be mailed), journaling, a technique in therapy called the “empty chair” and role playing (also done in the therapeutic setting) are all quite helpful.

I look forward to working with you on recapturing your dreams, exploring your grief and helping you begin to wish again upon your own lost star!