Don’t Shoot

the Moon!

Peninsula Woman

May – Jun 2005



As infants we learn how to get our needs met in order to survive.   Later as children we begin to formulate ideas, concepts and feelings about how that will happen in other ways.  As adolescents we try to discern how we will get our deeper needs met as we pull away from our parents.

As children, our constant and daily interaction with others helps us to formulate an understanding of what we may need as an adult to survive, but, consequently, those early experiences cannot be expected to help us meet all of our needs.  So invariably many individuals complain that they did not get their needs met as children. That can be very frustrating, but there is a simple way to figure out what we really need. This is when I found Astrology incredibly helpful.

When I began to study Astrology 25 years ago, I knew that I was a Leo.  What I didn’t know was that there were other planets in other signs in my astrological chart that were also really important.  I found through my studies that the Moon’s placement can help you to understand what your verybasic and reigning needs are!

The Sun-Moon Blend

The Sun sign establishes and displays a certain type of energy when it is placed in an astrological sign.  The Moon receives that energy through a relationship with the Sun and consequently there is a blending of these two energies. This blending flows through our system and helps us to understand how to navigate our energies more deeply. The understanding of these two planets in our chart helps us to stay alive to the ways in which we can find greater joy and fulfillment!


My Moon sign is in Sagittarius.  This meant that my reigning need, based on this placement, was to have my opinions respected. It also meant that I needed a profound philosophy to live by.  My energy(the Sun in Leo) was trying to be recognized, but my Moon needed to have a philosophy.  It wasn’t going to be enough to be recognized, I also needed “to have something to say and believe in.” Put these two energies together and you will find a dramatic philosopher.

When the Sun and the Moon are different by sign it can be hard to figure out how to blend the two energies.  For example, Princess Diana had her Sun in Cancer and her Moon in Aquarius.  Her energies were about a home and a family, (Sun in Cancer) but her reigning need (Moon in Aquarius) was to become socially significant, unusual, global and humanitarian. The Moon was in a difficult position with the Sun and so she had trouble getting her needs met. Diana disclosed her truth about her eating disorder many times. She  had difficulty finding a way to express her need to be different and unusual and when she suppressed that, it manifested in an eating disorder.  Perhaps that is why we all collectively grieved when she died. WE loved how different she was!!!

Here is another example.  Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880.  She has her Sun in Cancer and her Moon in Pisces.  Her energy, (expressed through the Sun in Cancer) was to have security.  But her reigning need as seen through her Moon in Pisces was that she needed to: identify the ideal, understand impressions and work with the intangible.  Both of these signs are Water signs.  Can you feel the emotional energy in her story??? She had a very compatible Sun-Moon blend and used her feelings to move through life.

It is our needs being fulfilled that help us to feel complete in life.  Knowing where the Moon is in your chart will help you to understand more completely how to do that.  Learning how to get our needs met without appearing selfish or needy is a lifelong journey.  Be patient with yourself. Our deeper needs are a direct connection to keeping ourselves alive and full of joy in life.