The Inner Sky

Peninsula Woman

Mar – Apr 2002


Astrology is an age-old science that explores the relationships between the outer planetary bodies(and their placements in the sky), with the inner terrain of the heart, the mind and soul of every individual.

When I first started to study astrology some 20 years ago, I realized that this Inner Sky was one way to find meaningful perspective in my life. As a young woman I felt the need to go beyond what the outer world was showing me and explore the inner world which seemed far more challenging and fascinating.

What I found was this. There are 10 planetary bodies in the sky. Each of these planets correlates to a psychological theme, and if tracked in our chart (a chart is based on our date, time and place of birth) a wonderful story will emerge.

The Sun represents our purpose in life, the Moon our needs and feelings and how we connect to our heart and soul.

  • Mercury shows us the art of communicating while Venus connects us to love and beauty.
  • Mars indicates what we are willing to fight for and Jupiter indicates what philosophy, religion or belief helps to inspire us.
  • Saturn shows where our discipline and work ethics are found, while Uranus show where we want our greatest freedom and independence.
  • Finally Neptune shows where are spiritual aspirations are and Pluto where our deeper psychological wounds may be and where our greatest transformation can happen.

Connecting the planets to the Astrological Signs was next and then putting these planets in a wheel with 12 separate sections was the final step. I was fascinated when I was given my first astrological chart, and even more fascinated when the astrologer I went to began to tell the inner story of what these outer planets represented.

Many of the things she described to me had actually happened in my outer life. I was hooked. If you have never had your chart read by a professional astrology it is really something.

I have decided to offer all of the Peninsula Woman readers a special gift. In the past year I have developed the ability to send charts to my clients over email. If you are reading this article, have email abilities and would like a free sample of your chart please email me at:

Reference the Peninsula Woman in your email and I will send you your chart  – FREE OF CHARGE. Even if you cannot read it, something will happen when you look at that wheel.

For me an insatiable curiosity arose in me and I wanted more! (probably why I am now an astrologer!!) Astrology is a tool for greater consciousness. Looking at your chart is a way of looking at how you are connected to the heavens.

Your inner sky connects to the outer sky. It is that simple.

“May the Heavens tell you what the Earth already knows!”

– Amber Flynn