The Cosmic Clock

Peninsula Woman

Sept – Oct 2002


I have always been aware of time. Even as a young girl I was aware of time and how it worked. One of the most distinct things I remember was how time passed relative to what I was doing. When I was doing something I didn’t want to do I noticed how time seemed to go by very, very slowly. And when I was really excited about something I noticed how time would just fly by and I would wonder, “Where did the time go?”

I remember the first time I went into a clock shop. How fascinating it was to see so many clocks in one place. I could feel the pressure of each clock ticking away reminding me that time was precious and that there was “only so much time in a day.”

Astrology has provided me with a deeper understanding of time. Astrology is based on cycles. When I see a new cycle coming up, I know just how much time I have to deal with that particular area of my life. Each planet has a very specific amount of time it stays in each area of your chart. There are 12 areas or “houses” in your chart. Each house reflects a part of your life that is important to your soul’s development, such as career, health or relationship. A planet activates each area in a specific way helping you to know what to focus on and how long to focus on it. Lets start with our main planet – the Sun!

Sun Cycle. It takes one year for the Sun to go around your entire astrological chart. Since there are 12 area’s or houses in your chart, the Sun will stay 30 days in each house. The Sun provides energy, warmth and light to that area for 30 days. When the sun is in any area of your chart it is the peak time for vitality, energy and self-confidence there.

Moon Cycle. The Moon has a very rapid cycle. It completes one full rotation around your entire chart in about a month. It stays in each of the 12 house for about 2 1/2 days. When moving through each section it indicates that it is a time to focus internally on that area of your life and to reflect and allow the answer to come from the heart.

Mercury Cycle. Mercury is fairly swift as well. Mercury orbits your chart in about 87 days. It stays in each area of your chart for about 2 weeks. Its cycle indicates what area of your life needs thought, communication and expression. For example, Mercury in your relationship house indicates that this is the time to communicate with your partner.

Venus Cycle. Venus will complete one full cycle around your chart in 225 days. It stays in each area of your chart for about 3 weeks. Its presence in each area helps your understand where love, focus, balance and harmony are necessary.

Mars Cycle. Mars takes about 687 days to complete one full rotation around your chart. It will stay in each area of your chart for about two months. Those two months are where you will need to direct your energy, will and drive. For example, when Mars is in your health area, put more energy and focus on your diet, exercise and health routine.

Jupiter Cycle. It takes 12 years for Jupiter for orbit your entire chart. It will stay in each area of your chart for one year. Jupiter in that area helps you to expand your philosophy, trust and truth about what that house represents. If Jupiter moves into your career house, it might be the year to trust your instincts and take the job that you have always wanted.

Saturn Cycle. Saturn orbits the entire chart in 29.42 years. It stays in an area of your life for approximately 2.5 years. Saturn’s presence in that area of your chart indicates that discipline, focus and maturity are necessary. If Saturn is in your relationship area, you will need to look at your sense of responsibility and maturity about your relationships.

Uranus Cycle. Uranus will take 83.75 years to orbit your entire chart. It will stay in an area of your life for 7 years. You can begin to see with these last 3 planets that some cycles are extremely long and may never activate some areas of your chart. Uranus helps you to focus on where more freedom, equality and independence may be needed on all levels. Surprises, unexpected insights, changes or sudden upheavals are common with Uranus.

Neptune Cycle. Neptune will take 163.74 years to move around your entire chart. Staying in an area of your life for 14 years assures you that area is important and a lot of healing is happening there. Neptune’s presence in an area of your chart promotes healing and consciousness. Neptune helps to dissolve confusion and brings deep spiritual clarity. It will not activate some areas of your life but will definitely activate some, and for quite a while.

Pluto Cycle. Pluto will take 245.33 years to complete an entire orbit around your chart. Because of its extreme fluctuating orbit it will stay in an area of your life for 11-30 years. When Pluto is in an area of your chart, the power of the deepest transformation is possible in that area. Overcoming and transforming deep patterns and old wounds is possible. Tremendous creative potential and strength can happen with Pluto.

Lunar Node Cycle. The lunar nodes are not planets but are very important to your path. They take 19 years to completely orbit your chart and stay 14 months in each area. Wherever the North Lunar Node is situated will assist you to understand where your greatest growth and potential lie during those 14 months. Focusing here will help you to grow in the most profound way. When the North Lunar Node is in the area that has to do with communication you will see that by communicating you will get all of your deepest needs met and understood.

Life is clearly about cycles and time. The next time you look at a clock, take a walk outside and look up at the bigger clock that we are all connected to-the stars and the planets. They have been our clocks for centuries. With the help of Astrology we can find out how and where the Cosmic Clock is ticking.

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