Astrology & Breast Cancer:


A Soul’s Story

Peninsula Woman

Sept – Oct 2003


 Life is about stories.  Our stories help us to connect with each other.  Without our personal storieswe would not be able to understand or have the capacity to hold another person’s story in our hearts.  September and October are Breast Cancer Awareness month.  When I started to think about writing an article on this topic, I realized I have only known a few women who have shared their personal story with me.  I was quite young at the time and could not relate to them at all.  I don’t know how I feel about that now.  Sad…..actually.

I went online to research this topic and found quite a few stories of many women who have fought with breast cancer.  I found page after page of stories of woman who had struggled and won their fight, and other woman who had struggled and lost.  A few months ago I read a book called, “Grace and Grit” by Ken Wilbur.  It is the intimate and true love story of a couple that went through her fight with breast cancer.  Treya Wilbur did not win her battle with breast cancer, but her fight touched my heart deeply. I recommend this book to anyone.

As I sit to write this I am not sure how to connect this with Astrology.  The one thing that comes to my mind is that we are all souls with stories.  Unique stories. Beautiful stories.  Everyday as I work with clients I am privileged to hear their stories.  I am so honored to be able to work daily with so many people who are willing to share their life story with me. I honor them and thank them for trusting me with their precious lives.  I try to guide them to the best of my ability to make choices that will help create more consciousness in their lives. But first they tell me their story.  I heard a quote the other day that I cannot stop thinking about.  “When it comes time to leave this world someday, the only thing you can take with you is what you gave away.”

We need to hear each other’s stories. They are the lifeblood and our mystical connection to each other.  If you have a personal story about fighting breast cancer or know someone who did, share it with someone. We need to hear the stories!  Storytelling teaches us that speaking the truth is the basis of all the Ancient Oral Tradition that keeps universal, timeless wisdom alive. There is something very powerful about speaking the story.  If you have had a personal fight with breast cancer and would like me to look at your chart around this, email or call me and I will send you your Astrological Chart FREE OF CHARGE. I will also send along with it a small interpretation of your chart regarding breast cancer and how it pertains to your astrological story.

On a final note, one of the most amazing things in the book “Grace and Grit” that was so powerful for me was Treya sharing in her book her fear about working with breast Cancer patients. On page 213 she says: “Over a few days I realized that that fear came out of letting the disease and its possibly awful consequences overshadow the human being there in front of me.  It hit me the evening of my last session with the group.  These were people first and foremost.  We sometimes spent a whole session not even talking about cancer; it was only an incidental presence among us. These were people involved in their lives, their pains, their triumphs, their loves, their children, and only incidentally at this point with their cancer.”

I know that as I grow older I will be privileged to hear many stories with my clients.  What I have realized what most people need the most during this time is your presence. Not your opinions or thoughts about their story, but YOUR PRESENCE. That is priceless and beautiful.  My hope is that we will become better listeners to these unique and powerful stories of other people’s precious lives.

Tell me a story, sweet Mother,

Of the Ancestors and their days,

Of how they walked with beauty,

Learning the Medicine Ways.

As you relate the stories,

I am allowed to see

The importance of every lesson

And how it applies to me.

Through another’s example

I share the laughter and the tears.

Through another’s experience

I learn how love can conquer fear.

Together we can journey

Through those other times,

Reclaiming all the wisdom

Of the legacies left behind.

-Jaimie Sams (from the book “the 13 Original  Clan Mothers)