A Simply

Spiritual Holiday

The Peninsula Women

Nov – Dec 2005



The ordinary arts we practice 
every day at home are of more importance 
to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

~Thomas More

I was having coffee the other day with a girlfriend and she asked if I was getting ready for the holidays.  I looked at her and sighed. My reply was hesitant. It is a time of the year I have learned to be neutral about.  We continued to talk about the highs and lows that come with the holidays.  

What we both agreed on was the amazing increase of activity versus the lack of time. I told her I wished that Thanksgiving came earlier. Then there would be more time to prepare for Christmas.

There are exactly 39 days from Thanksgiving to New Years.  During that short amount of time we must think about all sorts of things. Christmas cards, Presents, parties, gatherings, and all the telephone calls we must do during that small amount of time.  (Of course if you have children there are even more parties and events.)  It is amazing how much we must do.  If the entire year were like those 39 days we would be exhausted!!!  It is impossible to get everything done.  But we try. 

As the holidays approach we become increasingly aware of our relationship with “TIME.”  There are no other periods during the year when we realize our lack of control on Time. Lets face it.  You have no control on Time.   From your first breath you were connected to the universe through the trappings of Time.

During the holidays it doesn’t help that there is a tremendous amount of pressure from the media to make sure that not only do you buy the latest and the greatest presents, but that you also catch the amazing deals, and buy the right presents. Nobody is immune from the advertising. This is the biggest time of the year for retail companies and this is they can play off of all your guilt and also put the pressure on you to “get in the spirit.”

Your Health

The most neglected area during these 39 days is your health and wellbeing.  Eating the right foods, exercising and getting plenty of sleep are absolutely forgotten. There isn’t any Time for that.  It isn’t until January 2nd when we get back on the scale or into our exercise program that we feel the toll of those 39 days.  We vow and pledge to get back on our programs and drop the 10 pounds that snuck up on us during the holidays.  But it doesn’t happen.  Those 39 days have beat us.  The pressure got us and we succumbed.  Now we must pay the price of this pressure.

What to do?

It isn’t possible to avoid these events but what we can bring is the consciousness of Time and actually do some simple things that will help you to stay relaxed, grounded and focused.  These 39 days are such a small portion of the year and yet they account for the biggest potential loss in our health and in our bank accounts. It might even seem impossible to stay on your diet or keep your program of exercise alive during this time.  What can you do to survive the holidays?

Five Simple Things

My friend asked me what I do to keep focused during the Holidays.  I told her I have 5 very simple things that help keep me internalized and grounded in my body that didn’t have to do with dieting or exercising. When I do these things I find that I don’t have to stay as focused on dieting or eating differently but that they help me keep centered on myself and help me to maintain a strong Spiritual connection during these times.  

1) Light a Candle
This is the simplest way to stay in touch with myself.  Lighting a candle everyday is a simple spiritual act that helps me to stay in touch and focus with my spiritual energy.  Every morning before I sit down at my desk I stand at my altar, say a small prayer and light a candle.

2) Journal
I know, I know! Everyone suggests this and I include it because – IT Works!!  There is really no other single and simple way to get in touch with yourself and find out how you are feeling every day. It really is an ancient way to understand your self.  Just try it for a few days. You may like it.

3) Weekly Massage
This is absolutely necessary. A massage helps me to get in touch with my body and my feelings. This weekly experience helps me to nurture myself in a way that helps both my body and my mind to relax.

4) Coffee or Tea Break with a Friend
Since I work at home, this particular one is essential and gives me a place and person to bounce my ideas off of and feel connected with others.  It also helps to listen to others and know that you aren’t the only one with issues that need to be attended to.  There is nothing like a friend to ground you.

5) Walking
There is something ancient and simple that connects us to our bodies when we walk.  Something in us knows that our ancestors were very connected to their souls through walking.  Even if it is a small walk around the block, this simple act keeps us connected to our bodies in a very simple primal way.

Please keep safe and grounded during the holidays.  Be aware of your limited amount of time and take good care of yourself.  It can be a simple connection to yourself. Simplicity is a gift when practiced.  If you have any additional things you do to get through the holidays you would like to share with me please email me your ideas.  I would love to hear them.

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