A Mother’s Tragedy…

An Astrological Viewpoint

Peninsula Woman

Jul – Aug 2001 

Greetings friends! I have been sitting by my computer for nearly 2 hours trying to decide what to submit as an article that could be enlightening and awakening to all of the wonderful readers of the Peninsula Woman. I daresay that the topic I decided on didn’t feel like a very happy one – but one of great importance.

I have been recently struck by the intense tragedy that occurred on Wednesday, June 20th between 8-9 am, when a mother for no reason (none that anyone could immediately understand) drowned her 5 children, one by one in their family bathtub.

I was shocked and extremely saddened by the tragedy. I decided to do some research on this and went immediately to the Internet and my Astrological Ephemeris to try and make heads or tails of the incident. What I found was this. This is a tragic tale about being a mother. No woman can read the story about this mother and not feel a deep pain for the 5 children who were killed, or intuitively feel the tremendous confusion that this mother must have been in to have done this to her babies.

I was immediately curious about the birthday of this mother. I find that understanding a chart helps me to see into the soul pattern of a person and aids to add some light and compassion to person’s journey.

Andrea Yates, the mother, was born July 2, 1964 according to the Houston Police report. Andrea was born under the astrological sign Cancer. The archetype of the mother. Although Andrea was born under the sign of the mother, her astrological chart shows that her South Lunar Node was in the sign of Capricorn. (This is the archetype of the father or the responsible elder.) The South Lunar Node is a point in everyone’s chart which holds concepts and ideas that indicate what a person needs to “let go of.” This position shows where each soul was in their previous incarnation. In Andrea’s case her souls tendency (indicated by the Capricorn South Node) was to: “feel the need to control everything and everyone.” It also shows that there was an intense compulsion to take charge of a situation without fully understanding it and also a feeling of being completely responsible for everything.

Each soul must learn to let go of their South Node tendencies and move into our North Lunar Nodes idea which will help allow their lives become more balanced and enjoyable. Andrea needed to develop the following characteristics which are associated with her Cancer North Node. They would be; “noticing and validating her own feelings, nurturing and supporting others; staying centered in her own feelings, developing empathy and disclosing her own feelings and insecurities.”

The North Node is what we use when we are in growth and the South Node is what we use when we are under a tremendous amount of stress. The South Node shows what the soul needs to unlearn. When Andrea was under stress she would go to “control.” She would not very easily or very readilygo into expressing her feelings. This was new to her. This is associated with the North Node in Cancer.

There is also additional stress and tension in Andrea’s chart associated with her moon in the sign of Aries which was in tremendous conflict with her Lunar Nodes. Her heart and soul were in conflict on how to express her feelings and at the same time get her own needs met.

Finally, on top of this whole situation was that we were in a period called a Moon Wobble. This is aperiod of emotional instability that can trigger an impulsive and irrational emotional decision for anyone. For Andrea, the center of the Moon Wobble was at 6 degrees of Cancer. These were placedright on Andrea’s North Node and Sun Sign in Cancer. Also, on June 21st the day after the deaths, we had a the Sun just moving into the sign of Cancer, the Moon was in Cancer, and on top of that the Solar Eclipse was in Cancer.
Andrea would have been under a lot of emotional anxiety with all of these planets in conflict with her moon. (her heart) Without the ability to express her feelings, she would have felt trapped and moved into her South node in Capricorn and her familiar need to control.

On a final note, Astrology is a tool to help us become aware of our tendencies and the upcoming cycles so we can utilize them consciously and then take action instead of feeling their unconscious effects and merely reacting.

Please say a little prayer for Andrea. Her soul needs our compassion and love on this intense journey.