The California Woman

January-February 2008

New Year!

New Astrological Cycles!

New Beginnings!

The New Year has taken posession of the clock of time.

All hail the duties and possibilites of the coming twelve months!  


~Edward Payson Powell

When I was a young girl I loved to stay up until midnight every New Years Eve to watch the famous ball drop on television in Times Square in New York City.  Needless to say, things have changed for me at 46 years old.  Now I go to bed early and receive a restful nights sleep – thank you very much!  Becoming older has brought to me the awareness that I don’t need to be included in everything, especially late night ball dropping!

 So what is important in 2008?  Perhaps like the tortoise and the hare, some of us will act just like that crazy hare and run straight into 2008 trying to get things done that we didn’t do last year.  Then there will be those who will walk along slowly like the tortoise knowing it is just another year.

Regardless of what we personally venture to achieve in 2008, lets look to the planets to understand what is happening collectively and assess how you might be a part of the new cycles coming in 2008!

Below is an overview of what cycles I believe are the most important to be aware of in 2008. There are certainly many more cycles than I have listed below, but these are the most prominent cycles to observe.

2008 Prominent Cycles

Mercury will retrograde 3 times this year. January 27th- Feb 18th in Aquarius, May 25th-June 18th in Gemini, September 23rd-October 14th in Libra.  Please slow down and reorganize during these times. If you are any of the above signs these retrogrades will be important to you.

Jupiter has moved into Capricorn and out of Sagittarius this past December 2007.  It will be in Capricorn for its yearlong stay giving us a chance to solidify the philosophy of patience, practicality, discipline and solitude.

Saturn left the sign of Leo in September 2007 and will begin its 2-½ year stay in the sign of Virgo until July 2010.  Discipline and focus regarding Service and Work will be the focus of this Saturn cycle.  Virgo is a meticulous and analytical energy. A lot can be accomplished by focusing on details during this time.  The only caution I have is to be careful of being overcritical, perfectionistic and fussy.  Keep your eyes on the big picture while you are cleaning out those cluttered closets!!!

Pluto will begin to end its 14-year cycle in Sagittarius and move into Capricorn for its first initial transit at the end of January 2008. It will retrograde this summer and go back into Sagittarius for a brief time and then will officially be in Capricorn on November 27th, 2008.  It will stay there until January 2025.  Pluto is a planet of transformation and change. This is an intense and long (17 year) cycle where we will collectively experience lots of restructuring, corporate reorganizations and government transformation. Because Capricorn is an earth sign we may also see more change in earth related activities (such as earthquakes), as we have not seen before.  We will need to rely on our more mystical sea goats to help lead us into this period with a deeper spiritual awareness of what may be needed during this time.  We will all need help to stay grounded and centered during this intense transformational period.

Have a wonderful and Happy New Year 2008!

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