The California Woman

March – April 2008

Creative “Time”

The Saturn in Leo

Cycle Ends

By Amber Flynn


Would you consider yourself creative?  Do you have a hobby or a creative outlet? How hard do you work at playing? 

Currently we have an Astrological Cycle called Saturn Retrograde occurring. Saturn went Retrograde last December and will start to move forward on May 2nd 2008. These next two months are the final release of this cycle that visits us every 28 years.

When the planet Saturn transits any astrological sign, we have a 2-½ year opportunity to get serious about what that astrological sign represents.

In the past 2-½ years that Saturn has been in Leo this represents the focus of embracing your creative self! The next two months ahead are the end of this cycle because it will move forward into the sign of Virgo, where service, work, health and mentoring will become the focus.

What does this unique combination bring?
Saturn represents the energy of seriousness, limitations, defensiveness and fear.  It is also the power and ability to “get it together”, conserve, focus and accomplish.  Leo is the sign of the King and Queen and represents the qualities of fun, artistic endeavors, creativity, and leadership.

When Saturn goes into the sign Leo, there is a kind of seriousness about fun and play. Sounds ironic?  Well, yes it is.  Saturn is much better placed in the sign of Capricorn or Aquarius, as these are the more serious signs in the zodiac. So what do we do with Saturn in Leo?

These past two years we have seen an incredible “Baby Boom.”  Leo is also associated with children.  Raising children is a serious business.  Of course there is a lot of fun and joy involved, but the daily duties of raising a child can be daunting.
At the end of the day, what mother feels like painting, dancing or being creative? How about those mothers who are now experiencing the empty nest syndrome?  Do they know how to get back to their creative projects that they put aside to raise their children?  

Saturn is a teacher. His energy challenges us to do more with our lives. His tests help us to become stronger and more focused. Saturn’s lesson for everyone is different; it all depends on what you need to learn. Usually you are given three tests over the course of the two years he visits. The first test is an introduction to the issue you are supposed to deal with. By the time the second test comes, you are asked in some way to come up with a game plan and prepare to take action. If you have not resolved the issue, learned a lesson or shifted something in your life, the third test is very difficult. The result might feel overwhelming.

But Saturn is not a heavy handed, bad guy. He rewards you for a job well done and lessons learned over the duration of the cycle. If you meet each obstacle or challenge that arrives, there are wonderful benefits at the end of this cycle. 

In some cases we hold onto things that have outlived their purpose; perhaps a dead end job, a bad marriage, or poor self esteem. Saturn wants to help you get rid of what is holding back to make room for better things in your life.

What to do?
So for these next two months that Saturn moves out of Leo ask yourself: Are you having fun? Are there fun, joy and creativity in your life? If not, there are many ways to embrace your creative side.  Its not enough to take joy in others creative accomplishments – you can do it too! Take the risk to love yourself and try something new.   You will be surprised at how easy it is to embrace your creative side, and the joy and balance it will bring.  

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