2 of diamondsThe Two of Diamonds is ambitious, intuitive and cooperative. They must balance love with money issues, and are seeking self worth andself love.  They enjoy being in partnership and have a mission to accomplish in life. They are great problem solvers and seek deep connections with people. 

Positive and self assured, they are looking for mutually beneficial relationships that can be a Win-Win for all those involved. They need the help from others to accomplish their visionand will work hard to fulfill another person’s goal as well.

The shadow side of this card is a deeper psychological need to feel and be, emotionally fulfilled.  If not feeling connected or balanced, they tend to see that only the worst could happen.  Believing that the worst can happen, can leads to tremendous amounts of fear and anxiety.  This can result in argumentative behavior, and a complete fixation on winning the argument. This will ultimately block an ability  to be open to higher ideas and principles. These higher principles are always the key to fulfilling their mission.

Today is a day of partnership and honoring your intuition.  It is also a day to look at what fears” you have, and work to overcome them.  Figure out what you are afraid of.   Learn to combine your business sense with spiritual truths and knowledge, and share them with those around you. Be on a Mission of truth and self love. 

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world are the moments you share with someone when you are uncool. ”  ~Cameron Crowe (A Two of Diamonds)


Two of Diamonds Birthdays

January 25 ~ February 23 ~ March 21 ~ April 19 ~ May 17 ~ June 15 ~ July 13 

August 11 ~ September 9 ~ October 7 ~ November 5 ~ December 3