2 of clubsThe Two of Clubs likes to socialize and be around others to share ideas and communicate. They have often been called the “Conversation” card.

They are great talkers and not afraid to debate. Sometimes they can spin and weave a grand tale or sell something without actually following through with their plan.  Their fear of failure is what actually keeps them blocked, as well as their inability to be completely responsible for what they say. 

That said, some of our greatest teachers are the Two of Clubs.  This is because they are natural leaders and are good at problem solving.  But they must overcome their fear of the unknown, and they must learn how to trust what they don’t understand or know.

Facing your fears is the most important thing you can do today.  When you find yourself becoming defensive or argumentative, this is the shadow side of the Two of Clubs and actually means that there are hidden fears within yourself that need to be addressed as well as communicated. 

“Do the thing you Fear the most.  And the Death of Fear is certain.”

~Mark Twain


Two of Clubs Birthdays 

May 30 ~ June 28 ~ July 26 ~ August 24 ~ September 22

October 20 ~ November 18 ~ December 16