3 of clubsThe Three of Clubs is blessed with a creative mind. They are a great conversationalist and gifted Artisan.  They also have a deep desire for mental stimulation and can be restless as well as curious.

Often called the “Writers” card, they are adept at expressing their words and ideas. Their imagination is quite expansive and they are great story tellers, gifted teachers, writers and inventors

Their extreme mental, as well as creative gifts can be challenging when they are not focused. They must establish a foundation of faith in which to deal with their overactive minds and imagination. They must also find a way to not be distracted by worry, indecision or fear.

Today is the day to focus your creative and imaginative energy as well as watch your busy mind.  Channeling your mental energy will unbridle your fears and result in more sound decision making.

What are you worried about?  What are you afraid of?  What area of your life is filled with indecision?  Work to channel and focus your mind as well as express your creativity in a positive and self confident way. Today is a great day to brainstorm!

“Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere of inner security and confidence.”    

~ Felicia Bender

Three of Clubs Birthdays 

May 29 ~ June 27 ~ July 25 ~ August 23 ~ September 21

October 19  ~ November 17  ~ December 15