10 of clubsThe Ten of Clubs is a Card of Self Mastery, Success and Independence.  Many Ten of Clubs operate as if they were a King of a Queen, but often need to understand that a kingdom is built on merit and hard work, not only on their position within the court.

They do their best when they work to diligently Master themselves and not others.  Their unique and powerful minds can sometimes sabotage their desire for spiritual development when they focus solely on their material ambitions.

Self Mastery in any spiritual tradition will help them to uncover their hidden genius.  The creative and mental realms are where they are uniquely able to shine their brightest and ultimately be truly expressive.

Many Ten of Clubs become teachers or performers.  The Ten indicates a need for a type of group” in which to shine their light and share their talents.  Their minds have an insatiable need to “flex” themselves in the world. In doing so they can receive the love and attention that they are often looking for.


“You have got to discover you, what you do, and trust it!” 

~ Barbara Streisand (A Ten of Clubs)


Ten of Clubs Birthdays

January 30 ~ February 28 ~ March 26 ~ April 24 ~ May 22 ~ June 20 ~ July 18 August 16September 14 ~ October 12

November 10 ~ December 8