6 of clubsThe Six of Clubs is a card of truth and intuition, knowledge and compassion, patience and ambitious. Many are often found to be healers, writers, teachers and artists. These occupations help them to express their knowledge to the world while providing service, love and deep compassionwhile being a light for others on their path.

Without a clear direction this card will struggle, procrastinate and suffer the consequences of negative energy that comes with not being truthful. Once they get past their fear of the truth, their lives flow beautifully. 

Today is the day to be responsible for what you say and do. Practice what you preach and develop a powerful type of integrity that comes with actually doing what you say, and backing it with action, love and service.

What is your highest expression?  What is your life’s purpose?  Listen to your inner voice, and follow your higher self in all of your decisions.  Watch what the underlying fear is about in what you are doing and look for the courage to overcome the fear with grace, honesty and humility.

“I am pretty fearless, and you know why? I don’t handle fear very well.  I am not a good terrified person.”  

~Stevie Nicks (A Six of Clubs)


Six of Clubs Birthdays 

March 30 ~ April 28 ~ May 26 ~ June 24 ~ July 22 ~ August 20 ~ September 18 ~ October 16November 14 ~ December 12