7 of diamondsThe Seven of Diamonds is a or spiritual values card.  They are artistic and appreciate beauty and balance.  They also have a youthful exuberance that is connected to a deep passion for relationship.  They can be quite charming.

When connected to their spiritual side, they feel a sense of responsibility toward others. They can make tremendous sacrifices for their family and friends, and possess a unique type of self discipline that includes impeccable boundaries with others. 

This card can either be a prince or a pauper.  One of their main struggles is a need to let go of their fear and worry about money.  When they focus on the unlimited resources and prosperity that lie within, and also focus on self mastery, they realize that money is not, and has never been the issue.  Once they stop worrying about money their lives flow beautifully.

Exercising non-attachment and focusing on self mastery is the biggest test of faith today.  What gifts and talents do you possess that others can benefit by?  What outrageous and brilliant ideas do you want to share with the world? Share your spiritual gifts today and connect to your prosperity within.

“The ego is always looking to find something.  The Spirit can see what’s already there.”  ~Marianne Williamson (A Seven of Diamonds)

Seven of Diamonds Birthdays 

January 20 ~ February 18 ~ March 16 ~ April 14 ~ May 12 ~ June 10 ~ July 8 

August 6 ~ September 4 ~ October 2