9 of clubsThe Nine of Clubs has a strong mind and can focus very deeply on their ideas, thoughts and clear communication.  

This card has a lot of beautiful concepts about peace, love and humanity, but their deeper wisdom comes through when they let go of their beliefs that do not reflect the truth.

All Nine Cards are here to feel “complete” and “fulfilled” in their lives.  The shadow side of this card is that they sometimes think that just because they “believe” that something is true, it is true.  Which of course, is just not true.  Finding “the truth” and investigating their belief systems is something they must diligently work on.
The Nine of Clubs certainly has the ability to live quite well, but sometimes their reluctance to direct their mental focus into a practical channel is their biggest obstacle. In order to feel complete…. they must let go and grow.
Let go of any ideas that you may have that no longer serve you today“Believing” that something is true does not make it true. Have the courage to find the truth and work to not remain stuck on what you believe.  
“Stop pressing rewind on the things that need to be deleted from your life.”  
~ Trent Shelton
Nine of Clubs Birthdays

January 31 February 29 ~ March 27 ~ April 25 ~ May 23 ~ June 21 ~ July 19 ~ August 17 September 15October 13

November 11 ~ December 9