king of heartsThe King of Hearts is the Ambassador of Love Card.  They are the “lovers of love.”  They think with their hearts and possess tremendous emotional mastery.  They provide peace, protection and a safe harbor to those who are in their world.  You are blessed if you are part of their “family. 

They will come to the aid of anyone who needs their help.  They help others by healing through love.  When deceived or hurt, their heartsrise above it all and in the end they do not hold grudges. They never have to fight for their place in life, or for recognition…… nor do they really want to.  They are content to be the true reflection of Love.

The shadow side of this card can be fear and immaturity.  Their fear is tied to their unconscious need to take care of themselves.  They must recharge their own batteries and they must learn to love themselves as well as take care of others. They give a lot, and need a stable home life to come home to.  

As with all Kings, they can be bossy, but this comes from a deep surety of knowing where they stand, not from a “need” to claim the Throne or have undue power.  (They feel it unnecessary to proclaim something so self evident.) They would rather act in accordance to what is right, and loving and true.

Today is a day to reach out to others in a kind and loving way, and to find a way to express your love and compassion.  Avoid arguments and see if there is something you are not seeing or hearing.  Think with your heart today, extend a hand, and look outward with compassion and empathy.  

“If you cut people off from what nourishes them spiritually, something in them dies.” ~Jacqueline Kennedy  (A King of Hearts)



King of Hearts Birthdays 
June 30 ~ July 28 ~ August 26 ~ September 24 ~ October 22 ~ November 20 ~ December 18