king of diamondsThe King of Diamonds is the highest card in the “suit of money and values.” They are confident in the realm of leadership, business, materialism, mastering values & financial power.

They are responsible, confident, strong willed, authoritative, determined, highly creative, powerful, peace-loving and fair.  

You will find them running their own business and at the top of their profession. They are charming and possess a natural gift of taking care of others. They have an innate gift for business and can be very successful.

As with all Court Cards (Kings, Queens and Jacks), they must open their vision to include the ideas and values of others which may provide them the needed assistance to build their Kingdom. When they accomplish this it brings the recognition and love that most Kings desire.

This is the day to step up and put on your Crown. What is valuable and important to you?   What is your business plan? Are you listening to others and open to other ways of building your business?   Take responsibility for your business and remember that business is always about service to, and for others.

“To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.”  ~ Buddha (A King of Diamonds)

King of Diamonds Birthdays 

January 14 ~ February 12 ~ March 10 ~ April 8 ~ May 6 ~ June 4 ~ July 2