king of clubsIf you were born a King of Clubs you are blessed with a strong mind, deep intuition and the ability to find the truth in all things!

Mastering knowledge and seeking freedom are two important concepts associated with the King of Clubs. So take charge today and put on your crown!  Freedom is rewarded to those individuals who are committed to what they choose to be responsible for. 

Knowledge becomes wisdom when found in everyday “aha” moments. When we experience what is and not what we perceive the way something “should be”  we become wiser in our knowing.

The shadow side of this card is an aggressive, or combative nature that can lead to never-ending battles.  The desire to be truthful and right can be overwhelming with this card.  They must be reminded that the truth is a double edged sword.

My partner Gary, who is a King of Clubs is aways reminding me and I quote, “Ideally, virtues are entwined.  Truth without compassion can result in cruelty. Compassion without wisdom can result in enabling.”


Be truthful, but kind.  Be honest with empathy and love.  Look at what you are attached to, and let go of your need to be right. free!


“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


King of Club Birthdays

January 27 ~ February 25 ~ March 23 ~ April 21 ~May 19 ~ June 17 ~ July 15 ~ August 13

September 11 ~ October 9 ~ November 7 ~ December 5