jack of clubsIndependent, clever and extremely intelligent, the Jack of Clubs is the card of the day!  Natural entertainers, and extremely charming, this youthful and carefree individual can be both creative, as well as enterprising in work and play!

Jacks are part of the royal family,  but don’t carry the heavier burden of responsibility of Kings and Queen.  They can come to “court” but they would rather be the “life” of the party then actually throw the party.  They can also save a party by just jumping in and clowning around.  They bring both joy and love.

The shadow side of the Jack is dishonesty and only seeing “their” own truth.  Spinning the truth and “crafting” a tale is something a clever Jack can do.  But it is not always a good strategy.   Reality combined with the truth is much more important.  This will build the trust that Jacks are so often looking for.

Today is the day to have fun, be creative and play.  But there is also a need to be honest in all of your dealings.  Truth creates trust and trust contributes to integrity in all of our relationships. Be courageous today and walk into your truth.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!


“Three things cannot hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth.”

~Hermann Hesse

Jack of Clubs Birthdays 

January 29February 27March 25April 23 ~ May 21 ~ June 19 ~ July 17August 15

September 13October 11 ~ November 9 ~ December 7