5 of diamondsThe Five of Diamonds is energetic, restless, playful and spontaneous.  And they love their freedom.  They want variety and change, and are constantly seeking new opportunities that will not limit or place restrictions on their perpetual search for independence and autonomy.

Escaping the realities of a relenting materialistic world are not possible with this card.  They must learn how to balance their idealistic nature with a realistic one and make sure their finances are in order.  Only then can they balance their deep desire for travel and play with a job that provides them with security.

The shadow side of this card is fear, uncertainty, and worry. This insecurity can be quite debilitating.  They can truly overcome this by seeing that money is a merely a means, not an end in dealing with their fear. They must live the truth of their values, and they must take responsibility for their lives.

Today is a day to be responsibility  and communicate. What do you value? Are you working at a job that limits you?  Are you in a relationship that hinders your ability to communicate your values?  Speak up!  Fight for your principles and work yourself out of your difficulties.


“Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.”

~Arthur Ashe (A Five of Diamonds)

Five of Diamonds Birthdays 

January 22 ~ February 20 ~ March 18 ~ April 16 ~ May 14 ~ June 12 ~ July 10

August 8 ~ September 6 ~ October 4 ~ November 2