8 of diamondsThe Eight of Diamonds loves to shine and take center stage!  They possess leadership abilities and are not afraid of responsibility. They have strong minds and know that self mastery is attainable. They can achieve what they want, take charge and are extremely powerful.

The shadow side of this card is a dominant, pushy, controlling, and forceful attitude that can result from the entitlement that comes from having too much money, power, or control.  This does not work well in personal relationships, which is where their biggest challenges lie. Adversity and loss are a result when they misuse their power

The appropriate use of power is the lesson for this card. When you use your power and resources to contribute and help the world, rather than try to control it, this is the highest and most rewarding energy of this card.

What can you contribute today that will help others?  What resources do you possess that can help to make someone else’s day better, or easier? Take center stage today and shine while helping someone else.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”  

~Salvador Dali (An Eight of Diamonds)

Eight of Diamonds Birthdays 

January 19 ~ February 17 ~ March 15 ~ April 13 ~ May 11 ~ June 9 ~ July 7  

August 5 ~ September 3 ~ October 1