8 of clubsThe Eight of Clubs is steadfast and nurturing, mentally powerful and deeply spiritual. Their Minds are their most powerful resource and their mental capacity is astounding! They have sharp discriminating ability and they can also have a strong “fixed” set of principles in which they balance their lives on.

Balance is extremely important, and mental and emotional peace is absolutely essential to this card.  I have found the Eight of Clubs to be one ofthe most loving and caring Cards in the deck. Their ability to bring joy, compassion and love to others is very important to them. 

Today it is a day to focus on aligning your mind with your heart. 

Purpose (mind) combined with passion (heart) will lead you to make the right choices today.   Use your mind to createbalance and watch when your stubbornness keeps you from love and acceptance with “what is.”  Stay steadfast and aligned to what feels good to your heart today.

This is a power card, therefore this is a powerful day.  So make sure you do not get caught in power issues and keep your heart and your mind open.

“Never let a single soul tell you that you can’t be exactly who you are.” ~ Lady Gaga (An Eight of Clubs)


“Ignore all hatred and criticism. Live for what you create, and die protecting it.”  ~ Lady Gaga


Eight of Clubs Birthdays 
March 28 ~ April 26 ~ May 24 ~ June 22 ~ July 20 ~ August 18 ~ September 16 ~ October 14
November 12 ~ December 10