ace of diamondsThe Ace of Diamonds is the card of adventure and idealism. They are searching for value and self worth by accumulating both financial and philosophical wisdom that must include the important concept of love in their lives.  

This card has the desire to have both love and money.  They often feel as if they must choose between these two desires.  They love to travel and are very energetic, as well as independent and charming. They are always seeking balance, and must cultivate their intuition through spiritual or artistic outlets to be successful.

The shadow side of this card can be their relationship struggles.  Because of their generosity and dreamy idealistic nature, they want to help all those they come in contact with.  This creates a type of co-dependency that can result in feeling used.  They must learn how to discriminate who will be able to both receive and reciprocate. They must settle into a relationship with a person who has impeccable integrity, then they can be extremely happy.

Today is a day to start a new adventure.  Be careful about being too idealistic or dreamy.  Keep your feet on the ground, and stay connected to what is really important in all of your relationships!


“I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.”  

~ Paul Newman (An Ace )


Ace of Diamonds Birthdays 

January 26 ~ February 24 ~ March 22 ~ April 20 ~ May 18 ~ June 16 ~ July 14

August 12 ~ September 10 ~ October 8 ~ November 6 ~ December 4