ace of clubsThe Ace of Clubs is a seeker of knowledge and possesses an honest desire to find “true love.”  Extremely curious, they also need to express their unique ideas and creative brilliance.

This Card struggles with either feeling alone when they are in a relationship, or lonely when not.  Alone or lonely

The answer to this dilemma is emotional self-mastery.  Without knowing who they are, choosing a life partner can be difficult.  Once they embrace this issue, they will be able to choose with honesty and integrity. And, once they do, watch out … they will do anything to be with that person.
How do you feel about being alone?  Do you enjoy your own company?  Are you lonely? Are you in a relationship with a person who matches you?  If not, what can you do to help understand where your emotional work lies
“Open the floodgates to expose the truth of who you are; and all that will be left are people who accept it.  All others will flee; and you will be left with only those that are allies.”  ~ TEAL
Ace of Clubs Birthdays

May 31 ~ June 29 ~ July 27 ~ August 25 ~ September 23 ~ October 21 November 19 ~ December 17