New Moon Wednesday, July 15, 2015

new moon

New Moon Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 6:30 pm —  Full Moon Friday, July 31, 2015 at 3:43 am

Today we start a New Moon Cycle.  New Moon cycles are the beginning of an Astrological Cycle that happens once a month. New Moon cycles are a great time to “start” a new project or initiate a new behavior or activity.  This cycles occurs when the Sun and the Moon are (both) in the same Astrological Sign.  The Sun and the Moon are in the Astrological sign of Cancer.  This means the Full Moon will be in the opposite sign – Capricorn.   The Full Moon will be on Friday, July 31st.  When the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is in Capricorn, (its opposite sign), we have a Full Moon. 

A New Moon always starts with both the Sun and the Moon in the same sign, and a Full Moon Cycle happens when the Moon is in the opposite sign of the Sun.  

What is a New Moon?

Every month we get the opportunity to feel the cycle of the Moon. The New Moon starts the cycle. The best way to work with the moons cycle is to start projects on the New Moon, and finish projects on the Full Moon.  


New Moon = Start.  Full Moon = Finish.  That translates to: Start on July 15th. Finish on July 31st.  Its that easy.  And there is a New Moon Cycle every month.


The Moon governs the deeper emotional sense of our mind and our perceptions.  This New Moon Cycle is in the sign of Cancer.  This sign relates to; receptivity, nurturing, feelings, sensitivity and mothering energy.  


Cancer energy is about the process of nurturing and feeling, and being receptive to what is needed at any moment….and what emotions are being expressed at any time that will reflect what is coming from the mind.  Cancer’s are sensitive, emotional and empathic beings that help us to navigate what we need in life.  It is through our ability to “feel” that we can heal.


This isn’t a cycle about hoping others will tell you what you need. This is a cycle about asking yourself what you really need and move with what you need from the inside – out.  BE HONEST!!  This is a powerful time of nurturing, and being emotionally honest.  It is also about reflecting on how you feel, and making boundaries with others about your sensitivity to your needs.  Are you capable of being honest with how you REALLY feel?


Where will the New Moon/Full Moon Cycle be happening for me?

The New Moon Cycle will be activating one of the 12 houses of your astrological chart. By looking at your chart we can tell in what area of your life you will be experiencing this New Moon/Full Moon Cycle.


Here is a brief description of what each of the houses represent. If you know your own personal rising sign I have put that sign in bold letters under each area to help you locate the houses where the New Moon cycle is. If you are using your Western chart the ascendant is listed first, your Vedic chart ascendant is listed second.  


1st House – This is the house of the Self. This house represents your physical body, traits and characteristics.  This New Moon Cycle is about internalizing what you need for yourself.  Start planning an activity that is focused doing what you really need or experience. Your own Dharma or purpose of what type of nurturing you need right now. You have a purpose to your feelings. Find out what that is by going into your own feelings. What do you feel? What purpose do your feelings have? 

Cancer ascendant on your Western Chart 

Gemini ascendant on your Vedic Chart


2nd house – The second house is about your self worth, your income and looking at what you have or the gifts that you uniquely possess.  It is now time to value how you feel! Be the leader in what you value regarding your finances. What belongs only and specifically to you, and what do you really need to do with your money?  If you need something buy it! Be mindful and powerful about how you value your resources and take Joy in managing your money.  Buy something YOU Love and be honest about what your really need.

Gemini ascendant on your Western Chart

Taurus ascendant on your Vedic Chart


3rd house – This house is about communication and education.  What do you want to say?  Write it down. It is now time to communication and express what you really feel. What do you need to say about how you feel in your life? What do you want to really say that will bring you closer to how you really feel?  Be generous with your words, but be sensitive.  Words can be nurturing to yourself. 

Taurus ascendant on your Western Chart

Aries ascendant on your Vedic Chart


4th house – This is your home, and your inner foundation, your spirituality. Loving your home may be the best place for you to be right now.  Be mindful of what your home expresses to you about who you feel you are on the inside. Reflect on what you feel and find ways to express to yourself about what you want from the deepest part of who you are and from your feelings.  Love your feelings.  They tell you who you really are.  Follow your intuition!

Aries ascendant on your Western Chart

Pisces Ascendant on your Vedic Chart


5th house – This is the house of creative expression, children, enjoyment and play. What does the inner child within yourself really need and reflect back to you? Honestly ask yourself how you can express a more sensitive and emotional mindfulness to nurturing the child within you. What is nurturing for you? Find a way to be sensitive to the needs of your creative self and find what immense joy your feelings brings to you.  

Pisces ascendant on your Western Chart

Aquarius ascendant on your Vedic Chart


6th house – This is the house of health, service, jobs and employment. What do you want to do differently with your work?  Perhaps you want to be more reflective and sensitive about what true service means to you and how you can be more sensitive at your job. What kind of work environment do you need?  Do you need to nurture your body more? Are you exercising because someone told you that it was what you needed?  

Aquarius ascendant on your Western Chart

Capricorn ascendant on your Vedic Chart


7th house – Partnership and relationships are associated with this house. It is now time to visualize what you need with your partner. Does your partnership reflect back to you well?  Can you give to them lovingly without neediness? If you are not in a powerful and loving relationship perhaps its time to be in a relationship that fulfills your emotional needs. Be reflective about working to find that person who will make your life filled with balance and equality.

Capricorn ascendant on your Western Chart

Sagittarius ascendant on your Vedic Chart


8th house – This has to do with other peoples resources, death, taxes and deeper psychological development.  With the New Moon Cycle here it is time to work deeply with emotional boundaries. Be more reflective about your psychological self. Bring sensitivity and reflection to what you deeply think about your life and let go of what you don’t need. Tell yourself the truth about life and death. Be internalized about the truth that you are going to live… and begin to really feel nurtured by life!

Sagittarius ascendant on your Western Chart

Scorpio ascendant on your Vedic Chart


9th house – This is the place for higher knowledge, travel, education, and expansion through experiencing and understanding philosophy.  The New Moon Cycle may help you to look at where you want to travel or what you need to learn in your life.  Is there somewhere you are passionate about traveling to? Maybe its time to teach others what you feel passionate about. What you want from seeking higher knowledge?  What would you love to learn more about?

Scorpio ascendant on your Western Chart

Libra ascendant on your Vedic Chart


10th house – Career, social status, authority are all the realm of this house.  The New Moon Cycle will help you to look at what you want to achieve that will help you to reflect your personal success in the world. Are you being sensitive in your idea of Success?  Become more mindful about what real success means for YOU.  What DOES success mean to you? What do you need from your Career?? Do you your leadership abilities? Can you be more sensitive about your career? 

Libra ascendant on your Western Chart

Virgo ascendant on your Vedic Chart


11th house – Hopes, wishes and dreams are a part of this house, as well as establishing and maintaining great friendships and associations in your community.  The New Moon Cycle here may help you to think about about the time you spend with friends and perhaps become more reflective about who your friends are. What do you need from your friends?  How do you nurture your friends?  Be generous and loving with them and nurture them.

Virgo ascendant on your Western Chart

Leo ascendant on your Vedic Chart


12th house – This house is about rest, relaxation and changing your perception about healing yourself through rest and retreat. What kinds of healing modalities do you feel would show that you are nurturing right now?  Do you want to exercise more, or sleep more?  Are you spending time by yourself to rejuvenate and heal, and are your sensitive about getting more rest in your life?  Sleep is a great way to love yourself and reflect deeply!

Leo ascendant on your Western Chart

Pisces Ascendant on your Vedic Chart


There may be some slight changes on the above, depending on the degree of your rising sign.  Let me know about your New Moon/Full Moon cycle experiences. I love getting emails from you. Share with me your stories about what you have felt during this cycle, and how you have gotten your needs met.


I look forward to helping you with all of your Counseling and Astrological needs.  If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call or email me.  I hope this has been helpful.


With love and peace always,




When I run after what 

I think I want,

My days are a furnace 

of stress and anxiety;

If I sit in my own place

of patience,

what I need 

flows to me

without pain.

~ Rumi