Mercury Retrograde In the Sign of Gemini ~ Monday May 17th, 2015   Mercury Direct Thursday June 11, 2015


Mercury, is going Retrograde in the Sign of Gemini on Monday, May 18th (6:50 PM PST) until Thursday, June 11th. Mercury is the planet that is associated with all types of communication, networking, thinking and socializing. It is primarily associated with the mind and everyday mental activity and the more subtle movements within our thoughts as they arise from our feelings.

What is a Retrograde Cycle?

It is a cycle is when any planet that (when viewed from the earth) “appears” to have stopped and is moving backward through the sky. After some time the planet then goes “direct” and is back onto it’s normal path. Every planet retrogrades except the Sun and the Moon.  There are about three Mercury retrograde cycles per year.

In India, Mercury retrograde is seen as an empowerment cycle that works deeply to encourage us to seek a more internal process, (as opposed to an external process) with our communication and the mind.

Although a Mercury retrograde can give rise to many personal misunderstandings, disrupted or delayed communications and difficult negotiations, these breakdowns can be resolved by looking internally, rather than externally. 

Sometimes during this cycle breakdowns with devices that normally help us with our ability to communicate can be affected such as telephones, computers, cars, planes and trains. But many of these problems can arise because some crucial piece of information has been miscomprehended or misunderstood.

Mercury retrograde in Gemini is deeply associated with the messages that we send to ourselves since Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini. Mental blocks can help us to understand the mind and its messages. We are not “our thoughts” but sometimes we are pulled into our thoughts as being “real” and may not always hear the deeper messages that are trying to come through.


This retrograde will draw us to deeply pay attention to the way we are communicating, and the messages that we may need to send to ourselves.  

The Wisdom needed during this time with the Mercury in Gemini is to rethink what you really need to communicate. If you need to communicate at all!  

Turn your mind inward to the thoughts you have with yourself.  This must be a time of reflection to the deeper need to communicate with yourself.  Be cautious with your words and thoughts to others. Words have power. Are they expressing what you really want to say?

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Mercury will be retrograde in one of the 12 houses of your astrological chart. By looking at your chart we can tell in what area of your life you will experience this retrograde cycle.

Here is a brief description of what each of the houses represent. If you know your rising sign I have put that sign in bold letters to help you locate the houses where the retrograde cycle is. If you are using your Western chart the ascendant is listed first, your Vedic chart ascendant is listed second.  

1st house – This is the house of the Self. This house represents your physical body, traits and characteristics as well as your purpose in Life.  This retrograde is about internalizing what your purpose is and how you communicate to others who you are and what you want for yourself. What do you tell yourself about yourself?  This is personal and very important.  What messages do you consciously need to focus on expressing for you?

Gemini ascendant on your Western Chart 

Taurus ascendant on your Vedic Chart

2nd house – The second house is about your self worth, your income and looking at what you have or possess.  It is now time to internalize what you value and what you internally tell yourself about your value and your finances. Reflect back to yourself and communicate clearly what you think about money, and what value you must now give to yourself. Be mindful and powerful about how your mind dictates your abundance and lack.  Turn your thoughts around to reflect prosperity and receiving!

Taurus ascendant on your Western Chart

Aries ascendant on your Vedic Chart

3rd house – This house is about communication and education.  What do you want to say about what you think about?  Write it down.   It is now time to reflect and internalize your communication abilities to better express your ideas and opinions. What do you need to say to yourself and what do you hear inside your own head?  Does anything really need to be said?

Aries ascendant on your Western Chart

Pisces ascendant on your Vedic Chart

4th house – This is your home, and your inner foundation, your spirituality. Internalizing your home and thinking about how you feel at any given time is necessary during this retrograde.  Does your home need a makeover?  Are you thinking of moving? How do your feelings help you, or are you in touch with them at all? Are you happy with your home?  What needs to be redone?

Pisces ascendant fon your Western Chart

Aquarius Ascendant on your Vedic Chart

5th house – This is the house of creative expression, children, enjoyment and play. This retrograde is helping you to explore your inner world, and what you could do to enjoy life more.  What is playful and fun for you to incorporate into your life?  Who do you love?  What does the inner child want to do? Do you have a place that you want to go to play?  Do you have a hobby that you need to revisit and incorporate into your life? Play!  Have fun in this cycle!

Aquarius ascendant on your Western Chart

Capricorn ascendant on your Vedic Chart

6th house – This is the house of health, service, jobs and employment. What do you think about your workplace?  Perhaps you want to think about what true service means to you and how you can change and grow from your job.  What do your thoughts say about serving others? Do you need to think more about how important exercise is?? Are you exercising because someone told you that it was good for you?  Do you enjoy exercising?  

Capricorn ascendant on your Western Chart

Sagittarius ascendant on your Vedic Chart

7th house – Partnership and relationships are associated with this house. What do you think about your relationships?  Do you need to communicate more? Or perhaps you want to become more direct and passionate about your partner and practice better communication in your relationships. If you are not in a powerful and passionate relationship perhaps its time to internalize how YOU think about to be in a relationship. What mental thoughts are keeping you from being in a healthy and happy relationship?

Sagittarius ascendant on your Western Chart

Scorpio ascendant on your Vedic Chart

8th house – This has to do with other peoples resources, death, taxes and deeper psychological development.  With Mercury retrograde here it is time to work deeply with what your resources with others and become passionate about communicating your deeper thoughts with others.  Reflecting and thinking about your death and maybe get your Taxes done!!

Scorpio ascendant on your Western Chart

Libra ascendant on your Vedic Chart

9th house – This is the place for higher knowledge, travel, education, and expansion through experiencing and understanding philosophy.  Mercury here may help you to internalize what you want from education or travel in your life. Is there somewhere or somewhere you are passionate about learning? Maybe its time to think about seeking more higher knowledge? Do you want to travel? 

Libra ascendant on your Western Chart

Virgo ascendant on your Vedic Chart

10th house – Career, social status, authority are all the realm of this house.  It is time to look at what you think success really is. Become more mindful and communicate to yourself what your real goals are. What does success mean to you?  What do you want from your success? Internalize your leadership abilities and decide what you would communicate to be a leader in the world. 

Virgo ascendant on your Western Chart

Leo ascendant on your Vedic Chart

11th house – Hopes, wishes and dreams are a part of this house, as well as establishing and maintaining great friendships and associations in your community.  Mercury visiting and retrograde here may help you to reflect about the time you spend with friends and perhaps change the way you communicate with them. What do you think about friendships?  What do you want to communicate to your friends?  

Leo ascendant on your Western Chart

Cancer ascendant on your Vedic Chart

12th house – This house is about rest, relaxation and changing your perception about healing yourself through rest and retreat. What kinds of healing modalities are you interested in trying?  Do you want to exercise more, or sleep more? Meditation would be ideal right now for you to deepen your subconscious awareness Clear out the cobwebs in your mind and become free of those thoughts that trap you and keep you in a mental prison. 

Cancer ascendant on your Western Chart

Gemini Ascendant on your Vedic Chart

Note: There may be some slight changes on the above, depending on the degree of your rising sign. 

I look forward to helping you with all of your Counseling and Astrological needs. 

Wishing you a lovely day!


“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”
~Carl Bard