Mars, our planet of desire, energy, vitality and passion went retrograde Monday, January 23rd, 2012 (Retrograde dates: January 23, 2012 – April 13, 2012).  What does this mean for you? Lets explore the energy of Mars.

Mars is our planet of power, strength, courage and aggression.  Mars measures our ability to project force, passion and personal will into our lives.  A strong Mars is necessary to give us the independence, self-confidence and motivation we need to carry out our unique ideas into the world.  On the negative side, Mars can bring out agression, competition, arguments and conflict. On this note, Mars has always been known as the God of War.  

Mars is the planetary energy connected to action.  Yet, it is not just action for actions sake, it is goal-oriented action.  Without Mars, we would just never get anything done.

When Mars goes retrograde it appears to go backwards in the sky. This can cause the same type of feeling for us down here on earth.  Retrogrades reverse the energy of a planet and the retrograde planet has an internalizing effect on our energy.  

What happens with Mars during its retrograde phase is that we may have been wanting things to happen on the outside, but now during this retrograde will need to commit to changing and rethinking about things on the inside.  

For example, If you want your boss to be nicer to you and you have been trying to will them to change, you will need to internalize that desire and be nicer to yourself.  If you have been wanting your partner to do things for you, maybe now you will just do those things for yourself without waiting for for partner to do them.  

Internalizing our will and energy (Mars Retrograde), looks like doing and accomplishing the thing for ourselves. We may have been wanting someone else to do those things for us, or we may have been thinking we can change the other person to do the thing we want, but now under the energy of this cycle we must do it ourselves.  

This isn’t a cycle about willing others to do the things we want them to, its about asking yourself how you can internalize what you want, and get the result you want from inside yourself.  This is a powerful time of self reflection, self analysis and internalization.

Where will the Mars Retrograde Cycle be happening for you?

Mars will be retrograde in one of the 12 houses of your astrological chart. By looking at your chart we can tell in what area of your life you will experience this retrograde cycle.

Here is a brief description of what each of the houses represent. If you knowyour rising sign I have put that sign in bold letters under each area to help you locate the houses where the retrograde cycle is. If you are using your Western chart the ascendant is listed first, your Vedic chart ascendant is listed second.  

1st House – This is the house of the Self. This house represents your physical body, traits and characteristics.  This retrograde is about internalizing what you want from yourself.  Start planning an activity that is what you want to do personally to fulfill your own desires, or your own Dharma or purpose.  You have a purpose in life.  Find out what that is by going into yourself.  What gives you energy? What is YOUR purpose? 
Virgo ascendant on your Western Chart 
Leo ascendant on your Vedic Chart

2nd house – The second house is about your self worth, your income and looking at what you have or possess.  It is now time to internalize what you value regarding your finances. Reflect back to yourself what belongs only and specifically to you. Be mindful and powerful about how you value yourself, and accumulate only what you really want. Buy something YOU like. 
Leo ascendant on your Western Chart
Cancer ascendant on your Vedic Chart

3rd house – This house is about communication and education.  What do you want to say?  Write it down.   It is now time to reflect and internalize your communication abilities to better express your ideas and opinions. What do you need to say to yourself about what you want in life? What do you want to really say? 
Cancer ascendant on your Western Chart
Gemini ascendant on your Vedic Chart

4th house – This is your home, and your inner foundation, your spirituality. Internalizing your home may be the right thing to do right now.  Be mindful of what your home expresses to you about who you are on the inside. Reflect on what you feel and find ways to express to yourself about what you want from the deepest part of who you are and from your feelings. 
Gemini ascendant fon your Western Chart
Taurus Ascendant on your Vedic Chart

5th house – This is the house of creative expression, children, enjoyment and play. What does the inner child within yourself really want? Honestly ask yourself how you can express a more dramatic and emotional mindfulness to your creative self, and your creative journey. What is fun for you?  What do you love to do?  Give the things that you enjoy a purpose to you. 
Taurus ascendant on your Western Chart
Aries ascendant on your Vedic Chart

6th house – This is the house of health, service, jobs and employment. What do you want to do differently at your workplace?  Perhaps you want to be more determined and excited about what true service means to you and how you can change and grow from your job.  What kind of work fulfills your desire to serve others? Do you need to exercise the way you want to?? Are you exercising because someone told you that it was good for you?  How do you enjoy exercising?  
Aries ascendant on your Western Chart
Pisces ascendant on your Vedic Chart

7th house – Partnership and relationships are associated with this house. It is now time to visualize what you want to do or give to your partner.  Or perhaps you want to become more direct and passionate about your partner and practice intensity in your relationships. If you are not in a powerful and passionate relationship perhaps its time to internalize how YOU want to be in a relationship. What feels passionate to you in a relationship? 
Pisces ascendant on your Western Chart
Aquarius ascendant on your Vedic Chart

8th house – This has to do with other peoples resources, death, taxes and deeper psychological development.  With Mars retrograde here it is time to work deeply with what you want from others and become passionate about your psychological self, internalize what you think about your death and perhaps ask yourself who is important to you in the world. Who is your worldly family? 
Aquarius ascendant on your Western Chart
Capricorn ascendant on your Vedic Chart

9th house – This is the place for higher knowledge, travel, education, and expansion through experiencing and understanding philosophy.  Mars here may help you to internalize what you want from education or travel in your life.  Is there somewhere or somewhere you are passionate about doing? Maybe its time to teach others what you are passionate about? Internalize what you want from seeking higher knowledge. 
Capricorn ascendant on your Western Chart
Sagittarius ascendant on your Vedic Chart

10th house – Career, social status, authority are all the realm of this house.  It is time to look at what you want to achieve that will help you to understand your success in the world. Become more mindful about what real, passionate success means for you.  What does success mean to you?  What do you want from your success. Internalize your leadership abilities and decide where you want to be a leader in the world. 
Sagittarius ascendant on your Western Chart
Scorpio ascendant on your Vedic Chart

11th house – Hopes, wishes and dreams are a part of this house, as well as establishing and maintaining great friendships and associations in your community.  Mars visiting and retrograde here may help you to reflect about the time you spend with friends and perhaps change the way you communicate with them. What do you want from friends?  What do you want to do for your friends? 
Scorpio ascendant on your Western Chart
Libra ascendant on your Vedic Chart

12th house – This house is about rest, relaxation and changing your perception about healing yourself through rest and retreat. What kinds of healing modalities are you interested in trying?  Do you want to exercise more, or sleep more?  Are you spending time by yourself to rejuvenate and heal?  What does getting out of the chaos of the world do for you? 
Libra ascendant on your Western Chart
Virgo Ascendant on your Vedic Chart

There may be some slight changes on the above, depending on the degree of your rising sign. If you would like to know what exact house the Mars Retrograde Cycle is starting in, email me your birth information (the date, exact time, place) and I will send your Astrological chart free of charge. 

If you would like to know more about your own Mars Retrograde cycle, contact Amber to schedule a session.