The Saturn Pluto Opposition  October 15, 2001


Why War?  Why Now?  The Saturn/Pluto Opposition.

Saturn and Pluto became actively engaged in conflict on August 5th, 2001. This geometrical aspect is called an “Opposition.” (180 degrees) Basically, Saturn and Pluto are standing face to face to one another. The dates of exact opposition are — August 5th, 2001, November 2nd, 2001, and May 26th, 2002.

One way to picture an opposition is to imagine two people on a teeter-totter. When the teeter-totter is balanced, and the riders are exactly opposite, they can see each other. Oppositions provide the maximum awareness of “one thing to another.” In any opposition you can choose to listen, respond and cooperate, or you can choose to fight. Either way, you must relate. Blending and uniting concepts that are opposed is the goal.

What must blend?

 Saturn is a guardian of structure, habits and preservation. Archetypically he is the one who wants things measurable, exact, ordered, and familiar. Pluto is the God of transformation and change. Pluto is ready to do whatever it takes to destroy the outdated so that new seeds can be planted. Their principles are therefore opposed—preservation and transformation.

Saturn wants to keep things the same and Pluto wants to change. One thing is absolutely certain about a Saturn-Pluto opposition: Pluto WILL transform and change Saturn’s carefully built structures, and Saturn WILL resist. This can be a difficult combination, often times accompanied by harsh measures (which neither Pluto nor Saturn shy away from) necessary to affect the transformation, or needed growth.

STRUCTURAL CHANGE always accompanies a Saturn-Pluto opposition. They typically occur at 31-38 year intervals. The last one occurred in 1965, and the one before that in 1931, the beginning of the Great Depression.

The Wisdom that is needed at this time is to ask yourself where you are resisting change to any outworn structures in your life. Change can be easy, appropriate change takes awareness. You must evaluate and not resist what has really outworn its usefulness. Be patient with yourself, be patient with others. Next week I will focus on the chart of the United States to see where this opposition is occurring for our country. 

“Quote For The Week”

There is no

heavier burden

than a

great potential.

~Charlie Brown