Our Sun Sign Libra October 5, 2001

sunset boat

I am confident the early Astrologers were most intrigued by the Sun. Our Sun is the most visible planet in the sky. In fact, if you meet someone who is absolutely uneducated about Astrology they will at least know their “Sun” Sign. It is hard to ignore how physically and psychologically fundamental this big planet is to our lives.

So, what is the Sun’s Wisdom Teaching? Let’s begin with the significance of this planet. Clearly, the Sun is absolutely essential. Without it there would be no life. Period. In Astrology this translates to becoming aware of what is absolutely necessary each month when our Sun changes Signs. This means that all of our monthly activities revolve around the concepts and nature of the months Sun sign.

Our Sun is currently in the sign of Libra (Sep 22-Oct 23). Libra is the sign of balance. The symbol for Libra is The Scales. Libra’s main concern is creating beauty and balance, maintaining it and then enjoying it. This month, the Sun in Libra’s main focal teaching is about creating calm and conscious control over the unbalanced things that may be occurring in ANY of your current life situations.

How can I do this? It takes a certain amount of surrender to see that all things are simply exactly as they are, even when they aren’t what you wanted. There is also an inherent truth that “paradox” is part of life. It is the wisdom of opposites and equilibrium. A simple technique for understanding this is to just take a breath. Now blow it out. Which was more important? The inhale or the exhale? Examine your life to see where you are pulled toward one side of things and not seeing the other. Every life situation is here to teach us the wisdom of balance and opposites. There is true beauty in that!!

“Quote For The Week”


“You must learn

to be still in

the midst of activity

and to be

vibrantly alive in repose.”

~Indira Gandhi