Fall and The  Autumnal Equinox  September 24, 2001

fall leaves

Welcome to Fall! Our Autumnal Equinox was initiated this past Saturday, September 22. Fall is time for harvest. It is when the days and nights are of equal length. Autumn is the second time of balance in the year, Spring the other. Our days will now begin to become shorter until we arrive at the Winter Solstice on December 21st. After December 21st the days will then again start to grow longer in preparation for Spring.

It is time to celebrate and to store our abundance for the coming cold, but cozy months of winter. Animals are busy preparing for winter hibernation. Everywhere, there is great energy in the air. From this point on, we excite and celebrate the oncoming season of shorter days and longer nights.

What is happening with the Cycles this week?  Today is the exact center of our current Moon Wobble! 1 degree of Libra. I have put together a website page that explains what Moon Wobbles are in more detail. The address is: http://www.AmberFlynn.com/forecast/moonwobble.html

Stay grounded and become a conscious observer for the next few days. Get plenty of rest and watch that you don’t get caught up in the over-emotional tendencies of this cycle. Eat well and nurture yourself. It has been a tremendous time for all of us.


Also this week, the planet Saturn will go Retrograde in the sign of Gemini on Wednesday, September 26th. It will be retrograde until February 7, 2002. Gemini is the Astrological Sign of the mind, intelligence and communication. . Saturn is the Archetype of the Elder, the Wise Man or the Wise Woman. This retrograde cycle reflects the time to re-establish and rethink and ask questions of our elders. We need to find out what will help everyone feel safe and secure with our transportation, information and communication systems. It is a time to ask the deeper questions of what have we learned in the past and how can we become wise messengers for the years to come.

What is called for is an intelligent rethinking of how we can utilize our self-discipline with words and become better messengers and teachers both individually and collectively. The shadow of the archetype of Gemini is the chatterbox or the “person who talks alot but says nothing.” We all need to learn how to become better and more effective communicators and to bring discipline, love, and consciousness to our speech.

Additional Wisdom needed during this cycle is also how we can become better listeners. Sometimes we forget that the best way to communicate is to be a good listener. This involves the ability to become more alert and present for someone else. We might even need to ask more questions and focus on listening to what is really being presented. Lets look to the message of our fall cycle which is to gather and harvest all the information we will need to be better able to move forward in February.

“Quote For The Week”

“A good listener

is not only

popular everywhere,

but after a while

he knows something.